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AIBU to be a little disturbed by the new Toyota advert?

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Malenky Sat 27-Jun-15 11:51:06

With lines such as "keep me in the garage and take me for granted, pack me full of friends and family and take me for granted... Just take me out for a lonnnggg drive" etc.

Also always feel as if I have stumbled into the twilight zone when the bizarrely inappropriate Flora ads come on, like the one with the "fit" mum and the one where they catch their parents having sex...

MsJuniper Sat 27-Jun-15 12:05:20

Oh thank goodness I am not alone about the Flora ads! They are so weird and inappropriate.

I haven't seen the Toyota one but we are clearly on the same wavelength so YANBU.

NRomanoff Sat 27-Jun-15 12:41:37

Flora ad left me and dh speechless! Especially when dd didn't get it and asked us to explain.

Am going to look for the Toyota one now

WorraLiberty Sat 27-Jun-15 12:46:49

The Flora ads make me cringe

I haven't seen the Toyota one, but not sure (from your description) what's wrong with it?

WeekendDilemma Sat 27-Jun-15 12:49:53

This is my favourite Toyota ad!

Birdsgottafly Sat 27-Jun-15 12:51:09

I thought it would be a play Fifty shades of Shite, particularly as they have used E Goldings music previously.

I get the advert, though, its around the reliability and performance of the Brand.

I like VW Estates, for the same reason, so nothing to do with sex.

I hate the Flora ads and they need to explain what they thought they were doing.

Birdsgottafly Sat 27-Jun-15 12:53:59

The use of" Bugger" on a UK TV advert would definitely get them noticed!

WeekendDilemma Sat 27-Jun-15 13:05:22

I am always checking myself when I speak over here. Bugger is not seen a s a 'bad' word, hence it being on TV. I also use 'bloody' a lot but it is very frowned upon in England. It Aus it wouldn't even raise an eyebrow. There are also signs up in some states along the roads, with accompanying TV adverts, that say 'drink and drive and you're a bloody idiot'

Also, these recently, saying wanker and knob! bloody idiots mother ad.

Drink drive idiot TV ad shown in Aus.

ConfusedInBath Sat 27-Jun-15 13:25:35

Um yabu.

specialsubject Sat 27-Jun-15 13:27:37

car ads have really got insane. As most cars look the same now (aerodynamics) all they can sell them on is the bimbo/himbo driving them and the ickle pretty colours. No facts at all on space, features, fuel consumption etc etc etc.

new cars are really crap - easy to steal, expensive to maintain and really badly designed. Here's to old bangers!

Malenky Sat 27-Jun-15 17:23:14

I don't know why the advert sounded so wrong Worra, I think it's the way that the guy said the phrases, in a sort of nudge nudge way as if they were innudendoes! If I find the advert I'll post a link here.

Glad that others think the Flora ads are weird! I bet lots of parents have them to thank for some awkward questions!

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