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To hope DS will get used to this?

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NinkyNonkers Fri 26-Jun-15 17:17:28

Tell me it gets easier! I have been a sahm for 5 yrs, DS is 3. I have just started a job, 17 hrs a week over 3 days. I'm not doing all those hours at the mo, so he is spending the time with my parents primarily, with one session at preschool (will do two days in Sept) and my best friend the other day. He struggled with preschool, and was teary all morning with my friend, wouldn't eat etc. Now he knows her very well, sees her every few days, plays with her daughter all the time.

He just hates being away from me! Please tell me they get used to it?! I love my job, and in the long term these hours Will be perfect. He's quite a shy little chap, with slightly delayed speech...should I wait a while?

slightlyconfused85 Fri 26-Jun-15 17:26:23

He will be fine op don't worry. Pre school is really good for him and lovely that he has the comfort of grandparents and a good friend the rest of the time. He's still with you most of the time, and in a couple of years he will have school so not a bad thing to start spending a few hours away from you. Keep at it he will get used to it

ASettlerOfCatan Fri 26-Jun-15 17:27:17

He will be fine. At 3 you should get funded nursery. Speak to some local nurseries. A friend of mine has her DS in nursery 2 full days instead of 5 1/2 days. The main thing at that age is make a routine and stick to it. This will help him feel more settled.

Fatmomma99 Fri 26-Jun-15 18:38:43

He'll have to get used to school soon, and if this job is perfect for you, grab it. 17 hours isn't much, honest.

It will help with his socialization.

Grit your teeth, strengthen your backbone and stick with it. Good luck!

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