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wibu to put a note through to next doir re their dog?

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HighwayDragon Fri 26-Jun-15 13:56:00

Our ndn work antisocial hours and have a small yappy dog, during the day they have a dog walker come and see the dog midday, all good so far, BUT they let it out into the garden at midnight and again at 5am every day. While it's outside it just barks and barks and barks and barks, for around 20minutes at a time. It wasn't too bad in the winter when our windows were closed but its been so hot they've been open. Its a fecking nightmare, being woken twice a night.

WIBU to pop a note through to tell them just how annoying their beloved pooch is being?

ShortandSweeter Fri 26-Jun-15 13:58:11

I think that would be okay- or maybe ask them in person? It's clearly very inconsiderate.

WorraLiberty Fri 26-Jun-15 13:58:27

Are they never home when you are, so that you can speak to them?

Mintyy Fri 26-Jun-15 13:59:00

Go and speak to them! Get up when it is yapping at 5 one morning and go and knock on their door. You will put their backs up by popping a note through.

IconicTonic Fri 26-Jun-15 13:59:31

Not unreasonable and if they don't do anything about it keep a diary and contact the council.

HighwayDragon Fri 26-Jun-15 14:01:32

I very nearly yelled out the window last night.

Very very rarely see them, so telling them in person isn't that easy. If I went at 5am I may say something I'd regret...

lilacblossomtime Fri 26-Jun-15 14:02:15

I think.It is always better to do these things in person and try to be super nice and friendly about it. People can take a note the wrong way. It's helpful to stay on good terms with the neighbours and you could offer to let the dog out for them if it was an emergency as a way of appearing reasonable.

KoalaDownUnder Fri 26-Jun-15 14:48:37

Okay, you'd obviously prefer to avoid confrontation by sticking a note through. I understand the instinct. But people here are telling you it will go down better if you go round in person.

Do it at 5. It's just the once.

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