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to be annoyed that I changed dentist?

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RunningJumpingClimbingTrees Thu 25-Jun-15 11:07:15

I had a lovely, clean dentist near my work that I could pop to at lunchtimes etc and really liked.

I recently had a baby and thought it would be easier for me and my husband (and the wee one) to be registered at a dentist closer to home. The new dentist is very much a local family dentist type place with old seats, 10 year old magazines and needing a lick of paint. None of that bothered me but two things have happened since I went there that are making me long for my old dentist.

1st thing was during the initial consultation the dental nurse dropped the piece that goes in your mouth to get an xray on the floor she picked it up and sounds like she ran a tap over it then it was put in my mouth (I couldn't really say much as the dentist had his hands in my mouth). I know it was probably clean and i am being unreasonable.

2nd thing yesterday I went to the dentist to get 3 fillings (I know this bit is unreasonable but had a horrendous sweet tooth during pregnancy and my teeth bore the brunt). The dentist numbed my mouth and started drilling telling me to put my left hand up if I wanted him to stop. All this was fine.

I felt a sharp pain on my tongue after about 3 minutes of drilling and raised my hand. The dentist had cut my tongue. He said 'oh I appear to have grazed your tongue, ah it'll be ok' and carried on. He then stuffed some cotton wool in to soak up the blood (there wasn't a lot it was just a small cut). finished the job and I left with my numb mouth and sore tongue.

I just feel a bit let down but I realise I might be being unreasonable because at previous dentist for 6 years I only ever had scale and polishes so this may be a reasonable hazard of having sweets during pregnancy.

so aibu to wish I had not changed and am I just being overly sensitive?

haveabreakhaveakitkat Thu 25-Jun-15 11:34:58

Can you just change back to your old dentist? It might be further away but worth it if you think you get better treatment there.

WhereYouLeftIt Thu 25-Jun-15 11:46:33

YANBU! I would beg my previous dentist to take me back.

RunningJumpingClimbingTrees Thu 25-Jun-15 11:51:35

I think I will try when I go back to work in 2 months (still on mat leave). It is really not handy just now and if there was a dental emergency not sure I could get there.

Pengweng Thu 25-Jun-15 11:55:04

YANBU! A dentist accidentally drilled my tongue when i was about 16, i then didn't go to the dentist for about 10 years as i was so scared. It was horrible, i could see all the blood (though was probably mostly blood tinged saliva) going down the sucky tube they stick in your mouth.

Luckily i love my dentist now but I would change if i wasn't happy.

fanjoforthemammaries7850 Thu 25-Jun-15 12:02:17

Are you sure she put it in your mouth?

She maybe rinsed it but put a fresh one fact probably did.

RunningJumpingClimbingTrees Thu 25-Jun-15 12:08:47

Definitely not sure on the 1st thing so benefit of doubt would be that it was a fresh one

RunningJumpingClimbingTrees Thu 25-Jun-15 12:09:55

pengweng I would have been put off at that age too. I have no dentist fear but this has made me a bit apprehensive about going back

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