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Debenhams and the Data Protection Act

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Rosa Wed 24-Jun-15 15:32:26

I placed an order with Debenhams - Using DH bank card but we have the same surname , plus email confirmations , phone number and delivery address in my name. Half of it arrived. I email them today to say -half has not arrived ( After waiting 8 mins on hold I gave up on the phone from overseas). I told them what was missing. They replied saying they can give me no infomation due to the data protection act .
I am not asking for any money ( yet) , I know they can't tell me where it is as they use Royal Mail and you can't track it after it leaves the UK.
I am not sure what they are protecting ( its a pair of boring linen toursers and a white top for work ) Can anyone enlighten me ?

redexpat Wed 24-Jun-15 15:34:14

What name did you put on the delivery?

Drquin Wed 24-Jun-15 15:36:58

At a guess, I'd assume they think / know you weren't the one who placed the order (or paid for it). In which case, they're not going to speak with someone else.

Rosa Wed 24-Jun-15 15:54:17

My name on the delivery and email address his name on the card. I don't have an account but am on the mailing list.

TattyDevine Wed 24-Jun-15 17:00:31

That's daft, because it is your account. You can pay with whatever payment method you like, though lots of online like the credit card billing address to match the delivery address. Its usually the name of the account they will only speak to, not the name of the card that paid.

I think you got a muppet, can you ring back and try for a less muppety operator?

muminhants1 Wed 24-Jun-15 17:29:53

Sounds strange to me, they shouldn't even know what the card details are. I'd be asking them how they are complying with the DPA!

I'd phone back and insist on knowing what's happened to the rest of the parcel. It could be that it was despatched in two halves - that's hardly personal data.

sadwidow28 Wed 24-Jun-15 17:35:15

Oh this is one of the mis-guided applications of the Data Protection Act. They will only speak to the card holder, even though the OP placed the order on her account, in her name and Debenhams accepted the card details ON HER ORDER to take payment.

Rosa Fri 26-Jun-15 08:05:59

I emailed them again and got a sensible person, who apologised for any confusion and agreed that my order is probably lost and in 24 hrs has sorted a refund dh card !!!!
The thing after waiting on the phone I had emailed them in the first place and the email addy i sent is the one that is on my order... Oh well muppet it was..... I am now in the U k on hols so will try and shop for some less boring work trousers and a white top!!!!

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