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moving to guernsey good idea or not?

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guernseyworries Tue 23-Jun-15 18:39:37

my dh is going to be interviewed for a job in Guernsey. he asked me whether it was a good idea before he applied. I agreed he has family connection so can work there with local status. as can I as we're married.
they have explained salary obviously lower than London but if he did get it
would it be aibu to ask for 3 months accommodation sorted out as part of the deal while we got settled?
he thinks I am to ask him to ask them but if they brought someone in they'd have to do it for the whole time.
so Ainu to ask him to try and sort this or is it reasonable to move but be unsure of living arrangements?
all hypothetical till he's offered.

littlejohnnydory Tue 23-Jun-15 19:11:27

Make sure you can afford it - Guernsey is hellishly expensive in terms of cost of living. I'm not sure how it compares to London but I think house prices are even higher. Local market is slightly better but you will still have a huge mortgage. Don't forget to factor in health insurance (no NHS) and cost of travel to and from the mainland. With all this in mind, there are often generous relocation packages and I don't think you would be unreasonable to ask. There are often short term winter lets. Think also about education (still 11+ system) and career progression - if he works in a bank, he'll be fine. Anything else may be limited. And also employment opportunities for you. Also, bear in mind that your right to reside may be dependent on being married to your dh and that if you divorced, you might have to leave the island despite having children who live there and may no longer have the right to work there.

I love Guernsey but personally wouldn't move there. There are some huge advantages though and it's an amazing place to grow up.

VivaLeBeaver Tue 23-Jun-15 19:20:12

A friend of mine moved there and she and her Dh came back to the UK after 18 months. I think she liked it but was busy working. Her Dh was retired and didn't settle. I think he was quite bored from the sounds of it.

guernseyworries Tue 23-Jun-15 19:27:36

well he lived here from birth to 18 then uni and went back till he was 30 then moved to London. I know what the schools are like I lived there from 12-18. but the Ainu bit is I think he should ask for housing for 3 months he doesn't ? arggh

guernseyworries Tue 23-Jun-15 19:29:08

we both work in IT mainly in financial services.

Alfiedoggy Tue 23-Jun-15 19:33:33

I grew up in Guernsey. Absolutely loved it. I had an amazing childhood there and would move back in a flash if I could ! Go for it ��

stareatthetvscreen Tue 23-Jun-15 19:49:18

well if you don't ask you don't get

give it a try smile

stareatthetvscreen Tue 23-Jun-15 19:50:22

i used to work for a bank - not CI though but relocation was usually v generous

Clawdy Tue 23-Jun-15 20:23:49

DH applied for a job in Guernsey years ago but didn't get it. We had several holidays there and loved it. Have often thought how different things would have been if we'd moved there. Go for it!

guernseyworries Wed 24-Jun-15 22:37:07

he now has 2 interviews lined up and I have 1 possible job

Clawdy Thu 25-Jun-15 09:43:36

Great news,hope all goes well for you.

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