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To be so terrified of flying that I don't want to go

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Jaffacakesaremyfave Mon 22-Jun-15 20:44:35

I've just booked cheapish flights to go somewhere I've always wanted to visit for my birthday this year. There is a flight change at Sheremetyevo International Airport Moscow and the flight is with Aeroflot.

I've heard nothing but bad things said about the airline (i.e cheap aircraft falling to bits, Russia being dangerous to fly to etc). This was all said post booking the flights.

Has anyone been to this airport or used this airline. I'm scared of flying generally but people's comments have just made me terrified.

I know I have the option of just not going if I'm that scared but I don't want to not go if I'm just being silly (and don't want to lose money for the flight).

Going with another flight operator would be too expensive and I wouldn't have been able to go anyway.

honeyroar Mon 22-Jun-15 21:04:13

Calm down, it will be fine. It's a long established airline, it's planes won't be dropping to bits. The people who told you that know nothing. Go and enjoy yourself.

thesortingtwat Mon 22-Jun-15 21:06:36

I've done both! It was absolutely fine. Promise. Get some diazepam from the gp if you need to but, honestly, it was no different to any other airline that I noticed.

ACatCalledFang Mon 22-Jun-15 21:15:59

My experience is very dated (more than ten years ago) but I've flown to and from this airport and have taken both international and domestic flights with Aeroflot. Both were fine (not amazing but fine), and I imagine both the airport and airline have improved in the last ten years! Hopefully someone will be along with more up-to-date experience.

Aeroflot, like all airlines, does have to meet certain standards to be allowed to fly internationally and to operate flights to and from the UK. BA it ain't (or didn't used to be), and the customer service/in-flight entertainment may leave something to be desired (then again, it may not - my experience is dated), but I wouldn't cancel.

You may have already done this but just in case you haven't, I'd recommend you check visa and entry/exit requirements on the Russian Embassy website as you may need a transit visa.

BA, Easyjet and lots of major airlines fly to and from Russia. It isn't dangerous to fly there, though I would have more concerns about domestic flights within Russia, which have a poorer safety record.

Hope that puts your mind at rest and that you enjoy your trip!

honeyroar Mon 22-Jun-15 22:00:32

I'm sure you'd notice a huge difference after 10 yrs. I work for a British airline and we've massively changed our service to Russia to compete and to give the Russian flyers a higher level of service. The whole country has changed a lot in the last decade.

ifancyagreencard Mon 22-Jun-15 22:14:06

My boss really rates Aeroflot; the aircraft are mostly new and he says they are better than some BA planes he's been on. I also found this, if it helps:

dougierose Mon 22-Jun-15 22:34:15

Get yourself onto google and type in "Fear of Flying" "Captain Tom"

It's an online course (free, but you're supposed to make a donation) and it's done wonders for me - I wouldn't fly for 10 years and then DH booked the holiday of a lifetime to Florida - Captain Tom sorted me out so that I actually ENJOYED an 8 hour flight.

If it isn't Captain Tom, then it's Captain Bob, but one of those two will get you to the site you need.

Jaffacakesaremyfave Tue 23-Jun-15 07:15:58

Thanks so much everyone for your tips and advice. I will definitely check about visas and captain Tom sounds worth a try wink

My biggest worry is that I'll be flying alone and meeting my boyfriend in the final destination so won't have anyone there to calm me down. Diazepam and copious amounts of wine might be in order!!! shock

peagreen Tue 23-Jun-15 08:51:04

On the fear of flying course I went on, they said that any airline that operates in European airspace, and any airline that flies into a uk airport has to meet stringent safety requirements. They said that the operators to be careful with are ones that are on the banned list, often ones that only operate within a country.

maggieryan Tue 23-Jun-15 08:59:52

Ha ha maybe not the diazepam WITH the wine or you could be thrown off the plane. smile Flew with them and theyre grand. Dont let it ruin your holiday.

AF77 Tue 23-Jun-15 09:04:12

I did the Virgin Fear of Flying course a gew years back. It was at Gatwick but I think most airlines & airports run similar courses. Best £200 spent. I still don't 'love' flying but I'm no longer petrified as I used to be.

plumstone Tue 23-Jun-15 09:07:21

Hi Op, I use Aeroflot all the time for work - its great and for flying into Moscow better that BA due to the airport location. The only thing is I would always advise, is buy food for the plane at the airport - their inflight meals are not pleasant - however its not a long flight so not the end of the world.

Last twice the planes were all shiny and new and the staff great - I really rate it. Also it used to be (back in communist days) that their pilots were the best a landing for two reasons 1) they had to be able to land on ice as there wasn't always the equipment or money to defrost the runway and 2) the planes were so old that if they bumped them down in the same way other airline pilots do the planes would break!!! now that is no longer the case, but they are still really good, going in and out of any CIS country I would take Aeroflot over BA every time!!!

Another thing about Sherematyevo Airport is that the Duty Free is average all in Euros but the Irish Bar is fantastic, allegedly the best pint of Guiness outside Dublin, due to the water that is used - I don't drink it but the volume of Irish I have seen in there certainly backs this theory. Other things to note, security is really tight, and make sure all your paperwork is correct and up to date, also check you luggage in - they can hold you at customs on the way out as well as coming in - and they can leave it tight for you to get to the plane - if your luggage is checked in, it is more of a hassle to get the luggage off and have you miss the flight, than it is to get the plane. Also they can stop you at customs for ANYTHING - just smile and go with the flow, experience has told me that the more fuss you make the longer they hold you grin other than that have a fantastic time, its an amazing part of the world!

LikeTheShoes Tue 23-Jun-15 09:10:27

I'm flying Aeroflot this summer too!

my boss (who travels a lot) says that country's with good military air force have the best commercial airlines, as the pilots are often ex military. So they should be fine.

I was planning on getting a sandwich or something to eat onboard as I'm super fussy anyway but I'm sure it will be just like any other flight.

MorrisZapp Tue 23-Jun-15 09:14:05

Temazepam. Get some.

My top tip is to make an appointment with the oldest doctor in your GP surgery. They're much more relaxed about benzos than the young docs can be.

Try before you fly - I need quite a high dose, the tiny 2mg tabs do nowt for me. Practice makes perfect.

brainwashed Tue 23-Jun-15 09:18:51

I flew on internal flights with aeroflot back when russia was ussr....I'm sure they've improved immeasurably! Have a great holiday.

gabsdot45 Tue 23-Jun-15 09:20:51

I've flown Aeroflot to Russia and within Russia several times. I've been in Sheremetyevo airport.
I'm still alive to tell the tale. You'll be fine, especially if it's an international flight. We had some mad experiences on internal flights, Animals on board, people smoking in the toilets, watching the uncut version of the Sex and City movie on the big screen. But nothing unsafe.
Sheremetyevo is a big airport. If you have to move around the airport, the signage will be in Russian and English so you'll be ok. Russian people don't like to queue so it might look like people are very rude but it's just how it is. But the love children, we travelled with our children and were often shown to the head of the queue with the kids.
Have a great trip. Airline travel is very safe

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