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Shared garden/new neighbours

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Beth2511 Mon 22-Jun-15 18:05:33

Posting because I genuinely don't know what is reasonable and unreasonable.

We had new neighbours move in last week, we live in a block of private flats with 6 flats sharing the garden. All but two of the flats back onto the shared garden.

The first 4 nights they were here they've been hammering/doing DIY until 11pm which I know is unreasonable but they also have 4 kids, who every night have been in the garden screaming/shouting/kicking balls at everyone's windows. This goes on until 9.30pm.

7 month DD goes to bed at 8pm but every single night is being woken up multiple times by it all.

When is it reasonable to expect the noise to stop? I love the fact they play in the garden, just not until so late every night and not so that we are having balls bouncing off our windows constantly.

OH is going to speak to the parents later but would 7.30pm be reasonable to expect it to stop?

Beth2511 Mon 22-Jun-15 18:06:15

Should also add that at least 2 of the other flats are also fed up already because it is so loud and relentless.

reni1 Mon 22-Jun-15 18:16:48

Balls at windows would have me go out to confiscate them at the third strike I think. Parents can pick them up later. Don't know what time is reasonable, probably not much you can do before 9pm.

BestZebbie Mon 22-Jun-15 18:21:27

I agree that 9pm is a more reasonable end time, though maybe you could try for 8pm and bargain up?

Any balls hitting your windows at all should be clamped down on by the parents asap though - otherwise inevitably someone's window will get broken soon.

cuntycowfacemonkey Mon 22-Jun-15 18:25:32

I don't think 7.30 is reasonable tbh but I would happily shout out the window and tell them off about the ball hitting the window.

MythicalKings Mon 22-Jun-15 18:28:59

Go and sit in the garden in a chair. If you aren't careful I think they may "claim" the garden as theirs. They need a reminder that it's shared.

Iggi999 Mon 22-Jun-15 18:31:30

...but wear a helmet.

SoldierBear Mon 22-Jun-15 18:42:49

How old are the children?
I once had a ball come thudding into my window - how it didn't break is a miracle and I went outside. The group of boys were all expecting a bollocking, but I knew they hadn't done it on purpose - it was just one of those things. So I just said "I know you didn't mean to hit the window, but can you be a bit more careful?" - they all smiled with relief and that was that.

I think the fact I didn't go out and confiscate the ball/shout at them/go to their parents but treated them like reasonable people was what worked. They were about 12 or so. Would this work for you? Maybe tell them about your baby daughter and how it gave her a fright and made her cry - said in a quite tone, not blaming them (even if you are doing that inwardly) but just explaining how their game can impact others. They probably have never thought that other people can hear them and be disturbed.

In the long run, you have to live in your small community, and having a good relationship with your neighbours can be worth its weight in gold. Children should be able to play in their gardens, but equally there should be some respite for the other residents. I don't think 9 is too late in the summer.

CakeLady1 Mon 22-Jun-15 18:49:58

If they're new neighbours, maybe take a 'new home' card around, to introduce yourself and your little one to them. They may not realise who else lives there, who they could be disturbing. The diy will likely calm down after they're settled, shame to let that be the basis of bad feeling if you don't give them a chance

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