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To be getting really f'd off with the neighbours

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besttalk Mon 22-Jun-15 13:43:06

I don't talk to my neighbours much (the ones next door) apart from the odd hello. They are pretty quite and never had an issue.

The issue is with other neighbours that live down the road - 5-6 families to be exact.

First issue is the constant shouting and arguing, they seem to be completely incapable of talking to their kids unless it involves screaming and shouting. One in particular is very nasty, calling her daughter a lazy fat bitch just because she asked her mom for a drink.

It the constant "get eeerrr nooooooooooow" "stoooooopppp iiiiittt" that really annoys me. And its always always shouting, out in the street, in their gardens, windows open so everyone can hear grrr.

Then there is the weekly delight of the one neighbour and her partner arguing very publicy. Slamming of doors, screaming in the garden, climbing over fences to shout at each other, one going off in the car in a strop to come back 5 mins later just to shout at each other again. One occasion the man was walking around the street in his boxers effing and jeffing.

Then there was a few months back where the one neighbour and her delightful partner got so intoxicated they started beating each other up (with three young children in the house) the police came and he started attacking the police! In the end there were 2 vans and 3 polics cars for this one idiot.

Now we have the constant rubbish problem . they seen incapable of putting rubbish in their wheelie bin correctly or they just throw it out their window! The rubbish blows down the road and ends up on my drive! Last week there was a food packet with poo in it, poo!!! I had to clear it up!

Also they constantly put things in their bins that won't be collected, so instead of sorting it out they just nab someone else's, mine has been stolen today, while I was in the garden (it was still out after collection) cheeky fuckers.

I really cannot stand them. Humph!

pilates Mon 22-Jun-15 13:59:47

Can you move?

Sounds awful.

mrsfuzzy Mon 22-Jun-15 14:05:30

speechless ! i could say what i think but i'd get kicked off here, but they sound like ... poor you.

amarmai Mon 22-Jun-15 14:05:45

please tell us you retreived your bin!

MrsEmmaPeel Mon 22-Jun-15 14:08:01

Good grief, do you live in a rough area?

Can you move? If you can afford to I would move if it is so stressful to live on a street with neighbours like that.

GoodToesNotSoGoodToes Mon 22-Jun-15 14:09:06

I agree move.

prorsum Mon 22-Jun-15 14:09:25

Wow. They sound interesting. Is it possible to speak to them or call the local ASBO team?

gotredonyou Mon 22-Jun-15 14:09:47

I have similar large family in particular who lets their children play down the road yet when they want them to come home they don't go and collect them they scream their names...
Last summer the children were constantly coming into my garden, playing knock & run, stealing my flower pots to destroy, playing football against my wall (end terrace) so I spoke to the local anti social behaviour team. They spoke to the parents who agreed to keep a closer eye on them and set a curfew. Things did improve but if it reoccurs this summer I will contact them again..

ouryve Mon 22-Jun-15 14:13:55

I hope it's possible for you to move, OP. This sounds hellish. It's bad enough with one chaotic set of neighbours, but when they're the norm, rather than the exception, I can't see it being any good for your stress levels.

mrsfuzzy Mon 22-Jun-15 14:19:07

may be environmental can get involved, are they council tenants ?

Stinkylinky Mon 22-Jun-15 14:22:49

Sounds like you live down my street except all these problems are caused by one family. They've started renting out their space in the car park to their mate with a huge caravan whilst they park on the kids playing field.

We are putting our house up for sale due to them and their lack of consideration for anyone else around them.

I hope you find a solution OP, I know how horrible it is not to enjoy your own home flowers

manicinsomniac Mon 22-Jun-15 14:25:51

Where on earth do you live?!? Sounds like pure hell.

I wouldn't even know how to begin dealing with that. I'd definitely move if i's an option. Not that you should have to be the one to go but I don't see what else you can do with such a huge collection of issues!

Bair Mon 22-Jun-15 14:52:41

Sounds like you live on my street OP. We're possibly neighbours.

We're taking the approach of complaining to the council about EVERYTHING, every incident get's an email sent to housing. Plus anything drink and violence related gets reported to 101.

You have to make yourself more of a bother to deal with than them it seems. Council tenants or no, they still have to behave and deal with their litter properly.

besttalk Mon 22-Jun-15 16:09:40

It's not a rough area, they are HA tenants we are not. There are about 20 families that are HA tenants, the majority are no bother, just this select few!

Can't afford to move. The area is nice, just the neighbours. Luckily we have good modern windows and you cannot hear their b/s when they are closed, this time of year though with the windows open...

Nope, didn't get my bin back. Have a pretty good idea of who took it as I could hear them moving bins when I was in the garden. I've ordered a new one from the council but as they leave them outside your front door there is a good chance that one will be nabbed when I'm at work

MrsEmmaPeel Mon 22-Jun-15 16:20:00

Install a CCTV camera at the front of your property. You can get small inexpensive ones online. You can link it up to your television and record what is going on.

Then you have the evidence for the HA/local authority for anti-social behaviour, and for theft the Police. It could even get them evicted by the HA.

besttalk Mon 22-Jun-15 18:11:14

The police not long ago installed some CCTV at the top of the road. It was to stop the residents (same suspects) from fly tipping. There used to be fridges, beds, TVs etc there.

Some of the little kids were out having a water fight at the weekend, no problems with that apart from one of them, no older than 5 kept saying 'fucking dickheads'.

hiddenhome Mon 22-Jun-15 18:37:14

We have these types at one end of the estate. Not as bad as yours though OP sad still, ds can't play out as there's a gang of their kids who bully him and follow him around swearing if he goes out on his scooter or bike. He's shut in the house all the time now.

beedeepullen Mon 22-Jun-15 19:08:16

my god BESTTALK do you live in our street??????????????

we have the exact same neighbours!!

we don't get the shit parcels, but we do live near a dog walk so we get quite a few mini-binliners full of dog poop thrown about our street.

we live on a corner with a corner garden so we also get every one elses weekly shop after they are done with it. ( the wind just blows it right on in).

we cant leave our wheelie-bin out for a minute longer after being collected or one of the neighbours who forgot to put their wheelie-bin out will just fill ours up with enough rubbish to make our wheelie-bin sick!!

then about 8 houses down from ours live "the Galagher's" and their 8 kids, who all aspire to be the next david beckam and kick balls at my house constantly!

we then have my next door neighbour who has had to put up cameras outside her house as her car tyres have been slashed once or twice (some one obviously holds a grudge).
yet im sure she wouldn't need the cameras if she was home more often instead of rolling in at 4am every weekend with her favourite song blasting (another night another dream but always you.......) bearing in mind she is nearly 50 :s
the woman drives me insane. I may be only 28, but I have two small children and can do with out living next door to a party animal.

back to the Galagher's.... the only time I ever hear their parents speak to them is when they are effing and blinding to them.

I have lived in the street for all most 3 years now and all the kids are out til after 10 at night.
in all the 3 years I have never heard one mum in the street shout "your dinners ready".
I am starting to wonder if these children are being fed enough.

one small little boy was giving a take away pizza from his parents the other day, so he kindly brought it out side to share with the other kids.
ive never seen kids run so fast, the demolished the pizza.

then on a regular occasions you get a cat fight in the street. mums fighting over silly things in front of all the children.

I defo need out of here

hiddenhome Mon 22-Jun-15 19:19:14

Ours stand on their doorsteps in huge, fluffy dressing gowns smoking and chatting. At least the quad bike hasn't resurfaced though. That was a pleasant afternoon, not confused

MrsEmmaPeel Mon 22-Jun-15 19:49:42

I am so glad that we have no neighbours. shock at the OP and other people's stories.

Maybe they should do what they do in Holland, I think. I saw a documentary where problem families were made to live in shipping containers converted into bungalow type housing.

Bair Mon 22-Jun-15 20:24:55

Oh lord the quad bikes hidden, we had a pregnant mother on one with her toddler in only a nappy and trainers. They've put it away since the near miss with the car.

prorsum Mon 22-Jun-15 20:27:56

That is quite an image grin

Bair Mon 22-Jun-15 20:31:23

Bad grammar, toddler was in nappy and trainers, not the mother!

prorsum Mon 22-Jun-15 20:36:38

I got that. It was toddler in nappies and trainers that made me laugh.

hiddenhome Mon 22-Jun-15 22:50:02

Proper laughing at that sight Bair grin

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