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To be getting really f'd off with the neighbours

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besttalk Mon 22-Jun-15 13:43:04

I don't talk to my neighbours much (the ones next door) apart from the odd hello. They are pretty quite and never had an issue.

The issue is with other neighbours that live down the road - 5-6 families to be exact.

First issue is the constant shouting and arguing, they seem to be completely incapable of talking to their kids unless it involves screaming and shouting. One in particular is very nasty, calling her daughter a lazy fat bitch just because she asked her mom for a drink.

It the constant "get eeerrr nooooooooooow" "stoooooopppp iiiiittt" that really annoys me. And its always always shouting, out in the street, in their gardens, windows open so everyone can hear grrr.

Then there is the weekly delight of the one neighbour and her partner arguing very publicy. Slamming of doors, screaming in the garden, climbing over fences to shout at each other, one going off in the car in a strop to come back 5 mins later just to shout at each other again. One occasion the man was walking around the street in his boxers effing and jeffing.

Then there was a few months back where the one neighbour and her delightful partner got so intoxicated they started beating each other up (with three young children in the house) the police came and he started attacking the police! In the end there were 2 vans and 3 polics cars for this one idiot.

Now we have the constant rubbish problem . they seen incapable of putting rubbish in their wheelie bin correctly or they just throw it out their window! The rubbish blows down the road and ends up on my drive! Last week there was a food packet with poo in it, poo!!! I had to clear it up!

Also they constantly put things in their bins that won't be collected, so instead of sorting it out they just nab someone else's, mine has been stolen today, while I was in the garden (it was still out after collection) cheeky fuckers.

I really cannot stand them. Humph!

RachelRagged Mon 22-Jun-15 13:53:01

I feel for You. Lived somewhere where it was horrible with mainly horrible people . However those you live around seem to be ... well.... extremely anti social to say the least .

Are you council or private ? I only ask as if council you can get diaries to record every incident in,

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