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To think don't reply to questions on Amazon only to say you don't know the answer!

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KirstyJC Mon 22-Jun-15 10:35:44

I have been looking at tents on Amazon this morning, and it really amazed me how many people have replied the questions saying they don't know the answer.

For example: Question - 'Is this tent waterproof?' Reply - 'sorry, not used it yet so I don't know'
Question - 'how strong is it?' Reply - 'It was a present for someone else so I don't know'

AAARGGGHH!!! FFS why on earth would anyone go to the trouble of typing out a reply only to say they don't know the answer?!?! Who are these people? And what are they thinking of? And don't get me started on people who click to say they find these replies helpful or not.......

AIBU? I mean, really? Is it just me? confused(It might be, I have been staring at Amazon for so long my eyes are starting to blur).

haveabreakhaveakitkat Mon 22-Jun-15 10:36:48

Yes that's ridiculous!

honeyroar Mon 22-Jun-15 10:37:16

They're just being honest, surely? I'd rather that than a lie or no reply.

momb Mon 22-Jun-15 10:37:36

..because if someone asks a question on something you've recently bought Amazon will forward you the question 6 times a day until someone answers. I think that people just get fed up and click the link just to stop the junkmail.

DisconcertedAndRetired Mon 22-Jun-15 10:39:39

YANBU, I always wondered why people did that. Did not realise Amazon actually harassed them to answer.

CaptainAnkles Mon 22-Jun-15 10:49:44

I noticed that the other day too whilst looking for printer ink
'Does this ink works in an XP-412?'
'I don't know, it works in my XD-133, so it might.'

paulapompom Mon 22-Jun-15 11:05:21

Sorry I don't know if Yabu grin

paulapompom Mon 22-Jun-15 11:08:14

Op I totally agree, also drives me mad on Yahoo answers, People ask a specific question i.e. about a legal situation, and recieve "I don't know I'm not a lawyer" well don't reply then!

Sheitgeist Mon 22-Jun-15 11:08:56

YANBU - this taking the time to post completely useless answers marginally beats the 1* review which merely says "I don't like it" or something else equally as fucking pointless an unhelpful.

Foreverlurking Mon 22-Jun-15 11:23:25

Personally I would rather an 'I dont know' than no reply at all...seems I'm in the minority!

CaptainAnkles Mon 22-Jun-15 11:32:04

People who leave 1 star reviews because they've bought from a marketplace seller and it took ages to arrive are irritating. I want to know if the product was any good, not how cross they are with the seller hmm

LurkingHusband Mon 22-Jun-15 11:54:11

Just as an aside, Amazon have announced (so far US-only) they are planning on cleaning their reviews up ...

KirstyJC Mon 22-Jun-15 13:06:50

I didn't realise that Amazon emailed the questions, I have bought loads of stuff from there and never had this. Guess I must buy boring things!grin And yes, the ones saying it took ages to receive it are annoying as I want a review of the product, not the postage. Hint: If someone is sending you something from China or the US, it won't arrive next day people.....

DJThreeDog Mon 22-Jun-15 13:10:27

I buy loads on Amazon and have never had a question emailed to me confused

I did get a few of those types of answers when I asked a question though.

TedAndLola Mon 22-Jun-15 13:14:26

If you have an item for sale, any questions about it get emailed to you. It makes it feel like the question has been asked to you directly, which is why some people reply even when they don't know the answer.

This has never happened to be as a buyer but I had it recently when I was selling.

bruffin Mon 22-Jun-15 13:16:10

I buy loads on Amazon and have never had a question emailed to me

I have had a couple of questions emailed to me, but i think they were on things I had reviewed

UptobedNOW Mon 22-Jun-15 13:20:13

Also the people who leave a review of something they've not even used yet: 'My pink velour slanket and matching bootees look cosy but I've not used them yet as its summer. 5 *' confused

MrsBananaHammock Mon 22-Jun-15 16:29:15

uptobed YES!! Once saw a DVD film review 'haven't watched it yet but looks good' - why review it then, it's not law that you have to!

LurkingHusband Mon 22-Jun-15 16:37:15

Another good one I saw, was a review for as DVD which hadn't been released.

It was a stand-up (possibly Josh Widdecombe) and there was an Amazon entry for it, a few months ahead of it's release (now we can "pre order" instead of just "reserving").

Some muppet had left a "review" "I can't stand <whoever>".

Anotheronebitthedust Mon 22-Jun-15 17:47:42

Yes! I always wonder this. I buy a lot of stuff from amazon and have never been asked to answer q's about it? Perhaps I've blocked it somehow?

Still, I think even so I would just ignore it rather than writing a completely pointless answer. What a waste of everyone's time!

Gem124 Mon 22-Jun-15 22:12:44

This drives my DP nuts!! Why you'd bother to reply to say you don't know is beyond us. .. And who gives a toss?! Ha

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