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to not return the million footballs?

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kyrie182 Sun 21-Jun-15 20:05:10

My neighbours are ridiculously rude. Recently I resprayed our fencing and popped round to let them know just in case the stain leaked through to their patio. They didn't acknowledge me properly and said yes and to have a good day. Since then I've pre warned them of the spraying (the sprayer is a rental so I'm fairly limited) went along my business and now they don't acknowledge me. And theyvt taught their children to not speak English when my dcs are outside. I understand they are eastern european and have heard the mother call no more English when I open my back door. Should I say bugger it to their constant footballs? Into my flowerbeds! (We live in a semi detached so I want to befriend my neighbours)

Nettletheelf Sun 21-Jun-15 21:14:56

Are they ridiculously rude?

You warned them about spraying the fence and they were fine about it and wished you a good day. What's wrong with that? I'm wondering how they should have 'acknowledged you properly'.

You say that they now (post-spraying) don't acknowledge you. What do you mean? Do they cut you dead in the street or something?

The parents might not be very confident speaking English. Presumably the children are at school, so speak English there, so perhaps the mum wants them to talk their own language at home so that she can communicate with them. Are you sure that the mum of the family wants to stop her children mixing with yours, hence "no more English"? It might be for another reason.

Can you elaborate a bit? It sounds as if they are a bit reserved/lacking in confidence rather than deliberately unfriendly. If they have just moved to Britain they might be struggling to find their feet?

I'd chuck the footballs back, by the way. It's nice that you want to be friendly with the neighbours. Throwing the balls back is a way of showing willing. I don't think the kids are kicking them over on purpose.

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