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Epilate or wax facial hair

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PebbleTTC Fri 19-Jun-15 23:16:18

Hi posting here for traffic. , just wondering what do you do with facial hair? I'm 34 weeks pregnant and having to wax face every 5-6 days with plucking in between and getting loads of spots and in grown hairs. I'm hoping after pregnancy the rapid hair growth will slow down. Was wondering does anyone use an epilator on their face and would you recommend it? Iv coarse dark hair on chin and then dark hair on neck and jaw line and upper lip

UsedToBeAPaxmanFan Fri 19-Jun-15 23:22:58

I have electrolysis. At first I had to have it every week, but now it's once a month.

I did look into having laser treatment but was advised that as i have very pale skin and blonde facial hair, it wasn't a good idea. If your hair is dark then that might be an option for you?

DisappointedOne Sat 20-Jun-15 00:08:11

Don't epilate unless you want to end up looking like the elephant man. All those open follicles just ready to get infected.

Leggytadpole Sat 20-Jun-15 01:09:09

I feel for you OP, I've always been quite hairy but it grew more when I was pregnant. To be honest it hasn't really decreased since I gave birth (4 yrs ago).

I've had laser hair removal (before pregnancy) and electrolysis but they didn't really work, since having a child I've invested in a boots smooth skin home laser machine, I swear to god it's changed my life. It cost a lot (£400) but not as much as regular electrolysis/laser would cost long run. I use it once every month and have very fine regroth now. Hope that helps. I was feeling utterly desolate before I found this. I get the impression that a lot of women suffer with this but it's so taboo in RL.

ApeMan Sat 20-Jun-15 01:16:36

Personally, I braid it - although the trick if you want to impress your friends by lifting weights with it etc. is to use a triple braid, and slow head movements so there is never any sudden pulling movement on the beard.


PebbleTTC Sat 20-Jun-15 09:49:17

Iv tried laser in the past, must have spent thousands on it over the years, didn't really help at all. Also tired electrolysis before incredibly painful and expensive and didn't notice enough of a difference. As the hair grows so fast I need something I can do myself, I'll look in to the boots laser. I can't believe the hair growth might stay like this even after the baby is born- I was counting on it slowing down!!

Goodbetterbest Sat 20-Jun-15 09:54:23

I epilate, have done for years. Very quick, it can hurt but it's over so quickly. Never had a problem, bar the odd small spot. Waxing leaves me really spotty for a few days.

Cabawill Sat 20-Jun-15 10:00:55

I epilate too as I have PCOS and a really hairy side face and chin/neck. Never had any problems with ingrown hairs or anything.

RackofPeas Sat 20-Jun-15 10:03:59

I epilate. No more squinting with tweezers in the mirror. It is uncomfortable but its quick.

PebbleTTC Sat 20-Jun-15 10:05:23

Can I ask what epilator you use? I saw braun face epilator 810 got some really good reviews

Also saw that boots home laser also has really good reviews!

Is there a difference between IPL and laser? I'm sick of waxing as I'm doing it so often I'm missing hairs and others are growing back so fast Iv spots and stubble all the time

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