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close to leaving my job, am I over reacting

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wonderingsoul Thu 18-Jun-15 13:22:03

ill try to keep this short and sweet.

iv been in my current cleaning job for a year and half.

beging of the week I saw my boss who told me that I need to make sure I clean the bathroom s well as people in the building I clean have been laying stuff down on purpose to see if I move it.

this upset me, I work in the building on my own, so I felt like I was being vicatmised and thatbi was being watched.

I told a collahe who comes in once a week and he wasnt happy so had a word with one of thw people who work in the buildimg. she was outragased and couldnt belive it, it got round the building and iv had akot of people saying this is not true, please dont feel bad etc etc.

they will speak to my boss and see where it has come from, but part of me thinks he has just made it up in a twisted way to motivate me to do more, if he admits he said it for no reason he could be in a lot of trouble so I cant see him admiting it which would make me the lier. I also cant see any one admiting to him that theve been doing this which also makes me think hes just made it up.

I dont want to go in, I hate attention and confromtation but I also wont be made to seem like a lier, would I be unreason able to quit. I am looking for a nother job but ita not that easy.

Penfold007 Thu 18-Jun-15 13:30:53

Somebody has either complained or your boss is checking up on you, yes its a very PA of complaining about your standard of work.

Keep doing your job as well as you can and keep on job hunting. Don't just leave with no alternative job lined up.

Make sure you move things around so it's obvious you been in an cleaned.

wonderingsoul Thu 18-Jun-15 13:38:12

thing is when I saw him he was saying that im doing a good but told me this is a heads up kind of way.

its obvious when iv been in and cleaned, and the people and office manager today who works in the building said today they have no complaints and are happy with my work, though I suppose it could have been some one else.
Im dreading going in esp if he denys saying this, every one there will be thinking im a lier when im not, if I fuck up ill gladly hold my hands up. I dont paticularly like my job any way but this has just pushed me to the edge.

chocolateyy Thu 18-Jun-15 13:42:04

I've got a Cleaning co OP, and, believe it or not, people in the buildings we clean do that all the time (it's usually kirby grips, and the little circles of paper that come out of hole punches!)

Do you have a written spec for what you're expected to do daily?

If I ever get a complaint, I ask the client to walk round with me, and tell me exactly what needs to be done, then I can pass that onto the cleaner & give a copy to the client so there can be no disagreements.

I would ask your boss to come in with you in the next couple of days, and ask him to give you precise instructions stating what he expects to be done daily/weekly etc, and have a good look to make sure it's do-able in the time.

I wouldn't necessarily involve the Client, to be honest, they just want their offices & loos cleaned.

If you get in writing from your boss, by all means, PM me a copy of it, along with the length of time you're there, and I can have a look & see if it's realistic.

wonderingsoul Thu 18-Jun-15 13:50:26

really? I find it disgusting and petty, my standereds havnt changed and iv been there a year and half so why start now.

I know I have plenty, if not to much time, to do everything if anything.
the stupied thing is iv not actual found anything hidden by the toilets other then a empty toilet roll which iv obviously picked up.

maybe I am being over sensitive, and the feeling of being watched and having traps set has just put the cherry on top of my dislike for my job. I also suffer from anxiety which no doubts doesnt help with the feelings.

more job hunting today.

Gdydgkyk Thu 18-Jun-15 17:48:59

I think you are worrying too much. If you are already working hard and they want you to do more, you need to find out what areas and what needs doing. Then reorganise your time to fit the new things in and drop less important things.

CakeLady1 Thu 18-Jun-15 19:13:38

Wouldn't surprise me that if, like our lady cleaner at work, you're always too busy clearing cups, plates and empty printer paper boxes that my colleagues are too downright frigging lazy to do themselves, for you to do a full clean too.
Where I work: Are there bits of dust at the back of the loo, yes. But the bits that matter are always spotless so I would never dream of complaining.
(I used to clean too btw).
Find out exactly what is meant to be done on shift so you can see how much you do compared to that. Or even better, get your boss to trade for a day & see if they manage as much as you do.

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