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To wonder how this money will be distributed? Am I cynical?

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sadwidow28 Thu 18-Jun-15 00:56:06

Lottery throws £50m lifeline to victims of domestic violence and sex exploitation

_snippet from article_

"The Big Lottery Fund’s £48.5 million investment will largely be used to finance tried and tested work where there is evidence of success and effectiveness. It will also raise awareness, support preventative work and share what works and lessons learnt.

Clare Jones, joint chief executive of WomenCentre, the largest women’s centre in the UK, said: “We welcome this fund, which will be a lifeline for so many women’s projects across the country that are currently struggling to survive."

My experience of reading/advising on Mumsnet leads me to think that WOMEN'S AID is one of the support services most often advocated for those who need support to leave abusive relationships.

It isn't clear how this £48.5 million will be distributed.

I hope that MNHQ are aware of this funding and are invited to make a comment.

This announcement has come on the back of the National Lottery changing their rules and adding 10 new numbers to the 'game'. I accept that the National Lottery is a business, but I will never forget that Richard Branson bid for the lottery FOR NO CHARGE when the project was awarded to Camelot.

Banking on a big lotto win? Your odds just got worse: 10 balls will be added to give you only 1 in 45m chance of a jackpot

condominoes Thu 18-Jun-15 00:59:34

Here op

Full list of where funding is going Documents/A4AW Press Summaries 091214 English.pdf

Found it Googling 'lottery domestic violence'

sadwidow28 Thu 18-Jun-15 01:02:02

I am my soapbox.... forgive me!

I see that yet again this newspaper release doesn't make any mention of MEN who are subjected to DV and EA. Will Men's support groups be allowed to bid?

condominoes Thu 18-Jun-15 01:04:16

Sorry, I'm a dick. That's links to an old story! Here's the release but I can't see link to list.

sadwidow28 Thu 18-Jun-15 01:08:49

I can't open your second link - comes up as error.

But thank you for directing me to

But this is £50m that has been awarded. That is the budget size of a small Local Authority or a small Cabinet Office in the government.

SurlyCue Thu 18-Jun-15 01:13:04

And National Lottery money is not just supporting women victims. Horizon in Cardiff will spend £5,000 on workshops to provide support for BME men experiencing domestic abuse, aimed at preventing them from becoming socially excluded.

From condominoes link

SurlyCue Thu 18-Jun-15 01:14:23

Ahh wrong story? Apologies

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