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Spider killer?

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ClaireAccessory Tue 16-Jun-15 23:35:28

I know I should be kind to all of mother natures creatures and set a good example for dd but when there is a spider in my home it is going to get squished! How do you deal with them, do you gently put them outside or squash the feckers flat?

SumThucker Tue 16-Jun-15 23:40:12

I never kill them, it's mean. I either remove them with a glass and card if they're small, or wait for my DP to remove larger ones.

Sheitgeist Tue 16-Jun-15 23:40:30

My DD(5) would cry if she read your post. She has come home from school recently singing a song called "Please Don't Squash Me" about treating minibeasts (hate that word) with respect. Quite right, too.

It's not like spiders sting like those arsehole wasps, nor are the filthy like flies.
Just catch it with a glass and paper and put it out the window forgawdsakes!


JillBYeats Tue 16-Jun-15 23:41:50

Never ever ever kill them and I used to be petrified by them but dh is worse than me and someone has to show the kids to not fear them so I have had to man up. In fairness it's the fact that they kill flies and I really detest flies so they're on my side. If they're huge or fast I will try to capture them under a glass and put them outside. I will let them run over my hands too to demonstrate how gentle they are to the DC though that took a lot of self-control in the beginning.

manicinsomniac Tue 16-Jun-15 23:43:05

Oh my goodness, I am the worst kind of spider killer.

I can't squash them. I always see them when I want to go to bed and it's dark outside. So I put a glass over them and intend to put them outside in the morning. So often I forget and am either releasing very woozy spiders a week or so later or finding glasses with dead ones in sad I am a bad, bad person!

ToadsJustFellFromTheSky Tue 16-Jun-15 23:44:55

I don't even have the guts to kill them blush.

I just run away in the opposite direction.

VanitasVanitatum Tue 16-Jun-15 23:46:05

Never kill them, ever. Not least because my dad loved th and taught us not to even though I have the irrational fear of them and the way they scuttle..

Glass over the top, slide bit of card underneath, put outside in summer or in shed/garage in winter.

EatShitDerek Tue 16-Jun-15 23:46:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Delphine31 Tue 16-Jun-15 23:50:43

I'd always been absolutely petrified of spiders; whole caboodle of raised heart rate, fight or flight (always the latter) response, unable to be in the same room when I was presented with a spider. I couldn't possibly have got close enough to one to trap it in a glass.

It's really weird but after 31 years of being terrified of them I suddenly don't have a problem with them anymore. I managed to put a humongous beast out in a glass a few months ago and at the moment I have two eight-legged lodgers. I name them, talk to them, make an agreement with them that the house is their's to roam after I've gone to bed and somehow can deal with them now.

It is absolutely bizarre - I have no idea what switched off my phobia. I still have a slight fear but it's manageable.

Even at my most scared I would never have killed one though. It's not their fault us humans are idiots and scared of something so much smaller than us.

usualsuspect333 Tue 16-Jun-15 23:51:18

I never kill spiders. I leave them alone or if they are on the too large to live in the same house as me size. I put them outside.

Pyjamaface Tue 16-Jun-15 23:53:00

DP used to put them oitside whilst I gibbered in a different room or cried and cried on the bed whilst fucking Aragog ran around my bedroom

Now, we have a cat. Either they are catphobic or Pyjamacat is eating them like she does the flies, moths, bees and everything else she can get her paws on and is rewarded with dreamies

nellieellie Tue 16-Jun-15 23:57:22

'If you want to live and thrive
Let the spiders run alive'
That was my nan. Always use glass and card, or summon DH ( for the category As), or, for the spindly ones, use the suction spider catcher. Never kill them.

Talismania Wed 17-Jun-15 00:02:09

I kill them with spray.

coconutpie Wed 17-Jun-15 00:03:41

Buahahaha pyjama - aragog :D

I can't kill them - I'm too terrified to get that close to them. DH has to deal with them (he catches them in a plastic box and puts them out).

squishyeyeballs Wed 17-Jun-15 00:11:55

I'd rather have a house full of spiders than a house full of filthy bluebottles! I actually love spiders, so much so that I once had a pet tarantula grin I usually leave them be unless they are huge and scuttling and at risk of being eaten by my toddler blush Then they get the cardboard/glass/out the door treatment. I'm the same with all creepy crawlies and most smaller sneaky-iny animals (except rats eugh shock )

RozziRaspberry Wed 17-Jun-15 00:14:55

I hate spiders but could never kill them, I would remove myself from a room a spider was in. Thankfully dd2 is unafraid of spiders so has now been promoted to spider catcher when dh is working away.

Dd1 and ds have been disowned for being useless in a spider crisis grin

pamish Wed 17-Jun-15 00:28:24

I am a classic arachnophobe, very pissed off by it as it is so stupid, but I have it deep. Worms, beetles, frogs, snakes, even daddy-long-legs, I can pick up and cuddle, but there's just something about those two extra front long legs.... However I won't kill them, that would be unfair. I have got better over the years, and made great steps with the London Zoo Friendly Spider Programme. I v v recommend it - half a day gets you from quivering wreck to holding a tarantula. Really. Even more impressive, having a house spider run over your hand. Click that pic for the evidence.

I try to leave all but the most unbearable house spiders alone since I found out they eat clothes moths, the bane of civilisation.

pamish Wed 17-Jun-15 00:31:31

PS And I have one of these in every room.

6cats3gingerkittens Wed 17-Jun-15 02:02:48

The cats eat them, also anything that flies. It's moths that reduce me to a gibbering wreck. Not too keen on butterflies either.

geekymommy Wed 17-Jun-15 02:59:23

I only kill them if I think they might be black widows or brown recluses. Or if they're crawling on me and I panic- I don't like bugs or spiders crawling on me.

MrsTerryPratchett Wed 17-Jun-15 04:01:15

Spiders and bees are our friends. We have few enough in the animal kingdom.

Glass, card, say silent prayer (even though atheist), take outside.

MrsTerryPratchett Wed 17-Jun-15 04:01:46

Oh and fuck wasps. Dirty, scary bastards that I hate.

SycamoreMum Wed 17-Jun-15 04:16:37

Straight flip flop on the bastards. Hate all those buggers. Moths and butterflies are the devils work. We get tons in my mansion block because its old so I'm forever hoovering or smooshing them.

Emus Wed 17-Jun-15 05:41:32

OMG, I bloody hate spiders too and use a spider catcher (is DP isn't around) to remove from the house.

I was upset to read an article not so long ago that said putting a house spider outside pretty much kills them anyway as they aren't supposed to be outside and can't survive for long (so I'm not actually saving them as it goes). I feel bad as they aren't hurting me, I just don't like them.

whothehellknows Wed 17-Jun-15 06:16:56

I have a couple of different kinds of spider catchers so that I can safely move them from a distance and take them outside. Except that DDs are so excited by the spider catchers that they insist on being allowed to move them instead of me. And then they name them. And want to keep them as pets.

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