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To ask you what was the nicest thing anyone has said to you?

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benefoots Tue 16-Jun-15 12:13:58

Following on from the tactless thread, maybe something to cheer us up.
On just giving birth to DS. DH DM DF & DMIL all in delivery room making a fuss of DS.
My DF walked straight up to me and said "I am so proud of you and I have never seen you look as beautiful as you do right now".smile

SnotQueen Tue 16-Jun-15 12:15:14

Oh god, that is lovely. I'm welling up here!

SnotQueen Tue 16-Jun-15 12:17:06

Mine is DH telling me the things that make me a good mum after a really tough week last week.

You've reminded me to pay it forward. I shall say something nice to someone this afternoon.

Stanky Tue 16-Jun-15 12:21:23

I can't think of anything. I only seem to focus on the horrible stuff people have said.

AnyoneForTennis Tue 16-Jun-15 12:25:57

I was running london marathon and there was a conversation going on on my photo on Facebook saying I was an inspiration. one old school friend posted that she had re started her sport due to seeing me train for my marathon. That meant a lot as she had been quite ill with it. Also,my teen dc putting me as their fb profile pic.

I remember how that felt as I thought my training had gone un noticed by most people. I try and pay it forward now and cheer on others and I've started complimenting parents where I work if the dc are well behaved.

UsedtobeFeckless Tue 16-Jun-15 12:26:46

DS2 wrote in a card that I had a good brain and a heart like a fruitcake ... And DP wrote me a poem on a rizla packet that said my eyes were brighter than the twin headlamps of some sort of Ducatti ...


Scholes34 Tue 16-Jun-15 12:28:17

I bumped into a mum who I'd known briefly and in passing when the DC were at nursery (about 15 years ago). We said hello and she went on to thank me for being nice and welcoming and taking the time to talk to her when she first moved to our city, ie when we first met at the nursery school. She is Russian and at the time she was self-conscious of her inability in English. It was nice to know, all these years later, that I'd helped her in a small way and that she remembered me in such a positive light.

Note to all - if you see someone new to the area/group, looking a bit lost, do speak to them. It will make a difference.

KingJoffreyLikesJaffaCakes Tue 16-Jun-15 12:28:35

DS once told me I was more lovely than a Flump.

He was going through a phase where he really loved flumps.

Tanith Tue 16-Jun-15 12:31:19

DH, when DD was born after 1 DS and 6 miscarriages:

He held her and they looked at each other for a long moment. Then he looked at me and said, with tears in his eyes, "Thank you."

HoggleHoggle Tue 16-Jun-15 12:34:53

At our first NCT class as a meet the group exercise we had to go round the room and each say something we hoped our child would inherit from our spouse. Dh said he hoped ds would have my kindness. It meant a lot that he felt that was a trait I have, as it's something I value really highly in others (and actually it was what I was planning to say about him).

He also tells me i'm a good mum and it means a lot because ds is a beautiful, lovely little ball of spirit and I doubt my skills as a mum often!

IWillOnlyEatBeans Tue 16-Jun-15 12:34:57

I am a SAHM and have struggled quite a bit with giving up work, not earning etc.

My mum came to visit the other day. We pottered about in the garden with DS2, went to the park - just normal, everyday things.

My mum said 'you are giving your boys such a lovely childhood'. It made me cry!

CoolAs10Fonzies Tue 16-Jun-15 12:38:41

dd (4yrs) told me I smell like flowers and sparkles

Made my day!

JaceLancs Tue 16-Jun-15 12:39:32

My ex MIL who I've not seen for 18 years following the split (she lives a long way away) sent me a Christmas card following some kind of family get together which DD 23 and DS 22 had attended
Telling me what wonderful young people they'd turned into how proud she was of them and how grateful to me for bringing them up so well, that I should congratulate myself on being such a fab single mum and great role model
Finally that she missed me

It's taking a lot of arranging (different countries) but we are hoping to meet this summer

OnlyLovers Tue 16-Jun-15 12:39:53

This sounds weird and minor compared to some of these, but a million years ago I trained in a hands-on therapy. One session we were working on each other in pairs and my partner said afterwards 'You have a really nice touch.' I welled up. blush I thought it was a lovely thing to say.

My DP sometimes says 'I love you. I've always loved you' and that makes me cry too!

Becauseicannes Tue 16-Jun-15 12:42:23

a woman in the coffee shop made a fuss of me and jokingly asked if I'd really had a baby. She lifted my self esteem - it was a nice thing to say

formidable Tue 16-Jun-15 12:42:27

After a horrid divorce my DF told me he's thinks I'm an amazing mother and that DD is the most engaging and lovely child ever.

Yes, he's biased but I felt very weepy!

WellTidy Tue 16-Jun-15 12:42:37

DS (6yo) said "When you kiss me, my heart is all happy". It made my heart all happy too smile

spillyobeans Tue 16-Jun-15 12:43:14

Janelancs - thats so nice!!

MadAsgardian Tue 16-Jun-15 12:44:57

I changed jobs recently after being at the old place for 7 years. I was talking to one of my colleagues about how I needed to toughen up as a manager in the new place and not try to be everyone's friend. She said, 'don't change, it's who you are that makes it such a pleasure to work for you'. It was so nice as I had been working on not doubting myself so much and it really helped me going in to the new job.

My DH sometimes says 'I'm glad you're you'

GemmaTeller Tue 16-Jun-15 12:45:37

Aww benefoots thats lovely!

UsedtobeFeckless I'd love a heart like a fruit cake smile

At a recent radiotherapy appointment the consultant checked my notes and said, 'can I just check - how old are you?' '56' I replied, 'you really, really don't look it' she said.

Someone once said to DH 'we see your wife walking those dogs every day, no matter what the weather'.
For some stupid reason that means a lot to me.

steppemum Tue 16-Jun-15 12:46:21

lots. I am really blessed with a lovely family and friends

I have struggled with ds who is a very strong character. There are 2 older women at our church who make a point of saying things like 'Oh I was just chatting to your ds, what a lovely young man he is' I know they are doing it partly to encourage me, which makes it even nicer.

When dd was throwing strop in supermarket and I had put her in the trolley seat, and was shopping and she was crying and kicking and I was going 'Let's get some tomatoes shall we? No you can't get down because you keep running away' Was getting lots of sideways looks.
An older lady walked past and just said 'good for you, don't give in'

Did first ever parkrun last week, was right at the end and twice as slow as leaders. Some of the fastest runners were at the finish clapping in the finishers and saying well done. Was really nice.

A couple of people who tell me I am a great friend. Very similar to a pp, one of those is from Ukraine and I was the only person in 6 months who came up and chatted to her in playground, and we became friends.

PtolemysNeedle Tue 16-Jun-15 12:46:57

I'm sure I've had lots if lovely things said, but the one that first sprang to mind on reading your title was when my aunt said to me 'I've taken your advice and done xxxxx'. I'd never thought about it before, but when she said that it felt like a lovely compliment, especially coming from someone who I look up to and have a lot of respect for.

NickiFury Tue 16-Jun-15 12:47:21

When DS was being assessed for autism and NO ONE believed he had it, to the point where I was being verbally abused and gossiped about by family members who said I was making it up, that I had Munchausen's by proxy hmm blah blah blah.

At his assessment with the developmental paediatrician I was describing how as a baby he had had poor eye contact and how I would keep moving into his line of vision so he could see me and she said "well you were obviously a very intuitive parent and were practising early intervention without even realising it". It doesn't sound like much and she probably said it to make me feel good, but I was in such a scared and isolated place that it meant the world. It's given me a lot of comfort over the years and given me something to cling onto when I was blaming myself and being blamed by everyone else

GemmaTeller Tue 16-Jun-15 12:47:31

DSD once told DH 'Gemma's really clever, she can make anything'

loveulotslikejellytots Tue 16-Jun-15 12:50:11

At a BBQ with some friends a few weeks ago. One friend has 2 girls aged 4 and 6, the other has an 11 year old and a 16 year old. Both talking about the stresses each of them had/have with their own children.

My friend turned to me and said that I'd have nothing to worry about when I have kids, I'll be a fab mum because I'm so relaxed and nothing phases me. Other friend agreed and said I was one of those people you could tell it will all just come naturally to. Let's hope their right! I'm pregnant with dc1, neither of them know yet!

It did make me smile though. I really worry I won't 'get it' and I'll just be winging it for the next 20 years or so!

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