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to wish that sometimes we could use Dp's nicer cars?

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ApignamedJasper Mon 15-Jun-15 16:53:32

Dp is massively into cars and owns three at the moment, 2 of which are quite nice, sporty looking cars, one of these is his pride and joy.

The other is a grotty van which he uses for work so drives daily and at the moment this is the only one on the road as the others are having work done on them, nothing major just swapping out parts in the engine for different ones and stuff like that so neither of them are on the road.

Now, I know I'm probably bu about this as I know we don't need more than one car on the road at a time and we can't afford to do that anyway but aibu to wish that, just occasionally, we could use one of his nicer looking cars? Especially on days like today where we are attending a nice do' and we will have to turn up in his bashed up dirty old car and more importantly I have to get into it in my nice dress and heels and try not to touch anything

PurpleBananaPie Mon 15-Jun-15 16:58:03


My DP also had a car (oldish but still decent) but insisted on driving everywhere in his beat up old van. Very embarrassing at weddings etc when we rolled up in that. He loved it to bits and wouldn't hear a bad word against it. Luckily it virtually fell apart a year or so ago and now he has to use the car, thank goodness.

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