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To be worried about my DSs' teeth? Experiences please!

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Sahkoora Mon 15-Jun-15 13:25:38

Two tooth related questions.

Eldest DS has SN and so we are currently waiting for an appointment in July with the specialist dentist. He's in the process of losing his baby teeth at the moment, has so far lost 7. One, the one to the left of his top front two teeth (iyswim) fell out before Christmas and there is no signs of anything coming down to replace it yet. Is that an unusually long time to wait? He lost the one on the other side about two months ago too, and again, nothing! I have heard that some people don't have permanent teeth, but surely his baby teeth wouldn't fall out if this was the case?

DS3, who is 8m, is getting his teeth in at the moment. His bottom front two came in about a month ago, but now I notice the next to erupt are at the top, either side of the main front two (the very ones DS1 is missing!) I've never seen this happen in any baby I know. The very front ones usually come in first, right? I thought teeth erupted in a fairly strict order?

AIBU to be worried about this? DH and DM think I am being a bit hysterical I think, so I thought I would ask if either of these has happened to anyone else!

however Mon 15-Jun-15 13:30:08

My sons two first teeth were the top ones second to the two main top ones.. He looked like Dracula's spawn, only cuter.

When my daughter's two, top teeth fell out the big ones took months to come through.

CleanHankie Mon 15-Jun-15 13:32:50

DD1 grew her "fangs" first before her front teeth so not unusual. We're also waiting for the adult versions to grow into the gap. She lost her very front 2 teeth first and various others before finally loosing the fangs a few months ago. Her front teeth are quite splayed out and we have presumed that due to them growing have pushed out the fangs. Nit concerned as we can see the adult teeth there, just.

Hexenbiest Mon 15-Jun-15 13:36:44

but surely his baby teeth wouldn't fall out if this was the case?

I still have baby teeth because the permanent teeth just aren't there to push them out- my dentist over the years say it usually a family trait as it's down to a certain gene/ group of genes.

The dentist has x-rayed my one of my dc teeth to check the adults ones are there - as something odd was happening. So if the dentist is worried it's an easy check.

I don't think my DC tooth lose has followed a strict pattern - a rough one and they have lost teeth at slightly different times - youngest being nearly a year later than older siblings. Some have had teeth there straight away other times they have a gap for a bit.

With me not having all my adult teeth it's only affected two teeth - with other relatives it's been more - but its' all been dealt with so none of us have particularly bad problems.

I think you need to worry a bit less and wait and talk to the new dentist who will be able to put your mind to rest and let you know what is actually going on.

Eva50 Mon 15-Jun-15 13:38:37

Ds3 is almost 9 and lost those two baby teeth far more than a year ago. The new ones are only coming in now. I asked the dentist about it at our appointment 6 months ago and he wasn't concerned.

crazykat Mon 15-Jun-15 15:33:38

It took at least 6 months for my dd's canines to come through after her baby ones fell out so I wouldn't worry about it taking ages. Equally, babies can get their 8 front teeth in any order.

I wouldn't worry at all about either of your ds's teeth.

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