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To think this is rude??

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lastqueenofscotland Sun 14-Jun-15 21:40:49

Me and my sister were going to go to the races today for her 30th but due to our grandmother being ill we didn't go and I gave the tickets to some friends of sis . I didn't ask them to reimburse me as I'm not fussed about that I just wanted them to go to good use

Not had a word of thanks for it and got back to see both of them of them whinging on social media about the weather, the parking, the cost of drink there and how their bets didn't win and it was a crap day!!

Petty I know but a bit miffed!!

JoyceDivision Sun 14-Jun-15 21:43:43

Post on pics 'At least you didn't have to pay for the tickets! lol. '

icelollycraving Sun 14-Jun-15 21:49:00

I'd probably put 'glad you enjoyed the tickets'

lastqueenofscotland Sun 14-Jun-15 21:50:33

Haha icelolly I might do that. Checked with sis who said they didn't thank her either and she's miffed too

Fatmomma99 Sun 14-Jun-15 21:54:44

so you could say icelolly's comment, and your sis could use Joyce's - both are brilliant.

In case you have a further sibling I'd add "ok, we'll give to someone else next time. Sorry you've had such a terrible day"

WanderWomble Sun 14-Jun-15 21:55:50

Vastly rude and crass of them.

Gumps Sun 14-Jun-15 21:57:28

I would be cross at this too. How ungrateful.
They probably forgot they were friends with you on social media. Definitely post something to remind them.

pictish Sun 14-Jun-15 22:00:48

I like the idea of you both posting one each of Joyce and Lolly's comments. Hehehe.

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