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To not know what to buy my 2nd dd for her first birthday

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acatisnotjustforeaster Sun 14-Jun-15 21:06:40

We have two beautiful dd's. One age 4 the other nearly 1. I am massively struggling as to what to buy her for her birthday. We have so many clothes and toys for her already courtesy of hand me downs from her big sister. Any ideas are very welcome please.

Noodledoodledoo Sun 14-Jun-15 21:09:07

Wooden Puzzle of her name - I have found some lovely ones on ebay.

thatwhichwecallarose Sun 14-Jun-15 21:09:31

I have exact same problem. There is nothing she needs at all so I'm wondering about something big for garden?

Postchildrenpregranny Sun 14-Jun-15 21:10:13

Shes one She won't notice if ou dont buy her anything .

WhyCantIuseTheNameIWant Sun 14-Jun-15 21:10:25

Why not go on a little trip to somewhere she enjoys?
See if grandma or somebody can join you?
Have a picnic, take some pictures.
Then put a couple of pictures in a frame, in her room as a reminder of her special day.

Yanbu, I also struggled for dd first birthday. She got a bedroom...and an outing. And it snowed...

Only1scoop Sun 14-Jun-15 21:10:33

Wheely bug....wooden play

lordsandladies Sun 14-Jun-15 21:11:50

I have the same problem but with DD3! I struggled enough with DD2. Can't really remember what I got. A ball thing she never used I think.

lordsandladies Sun 14-Jun-15 21:13:37

Oh no I remember one of those trikes they can sit in and you push them along on days out instead of the pushchair. She loved it and I didn't already have 1 as they weren't around for DD1 (5).

thenightsky Sun 14-Jun-15 21:17:37

I don't think I got any of mine anything for a first birthday.

They got loads of cards which I've kept obviously, as they don't appreciate stuff like that until they are much older. I gave DD all her 1st birthday cards as part of her 21st celebrations.

IndecisionCentral Sun 14-Jun-15 21:20:45

We got DD a very pretty silver necklace with her birthstone in it. Sized so she can wear it from age 10 ish upwards, and hopefully treasure as she gets older. And some obligatory plastic tat! Though we have bought one of these trousselier boxes or a wheely bug for other family one year olds.

Bejeena Sun 14-Jun-15 21:24:39

We didn't get our son anything, he had more than enough from family and couldn't open all his presents (he had about 10) in.the one day anyway. Of course now he is turning 2 it is a different matter

RigglinJigglin Sun 14-Jun-15 21:25:54

Wooden toy chest, we have one for DD engraved with Her name in it - a family member made it for her.

BarbarianMum Sun 14-Jun-15 21:26:28

I got ds2 a couple of toys that were very desirable to ds1. This helped to persuade ds1 to share his old baby toys nicely, so that ds2 would share with him.

morelikeguidelines Sun 14-Jun-15 22:07:19

lordsandladies I got ds one of those for his first b day.

I was a bit like you, op, as he has all his big sister's stuff to play with.

I was a bit mean and waited til after his b day to get it to see if he got any b day money to put towards it!

morelikeguidelines Sun 14-Jun-15 22:07:57

Ps it's called a smart trike. It is brilliant btw.

Reiltin Sun 14-Jun-15 22:08:49

We just bought ours a trampoline & she adores it smile

DextersMistress Sun 14-Jun-15 22:09:31

A scuttlebug. Honestly the best thing I ever bought! Ds2 is 2.5 and still loves it, as does 4 year old ds1.

SlinkyB Sun 14-Jun-15 22:12:02

We struggled for ds2's first birthday too, and got him a Smart Trike in the end. Best thing ever; he loves it and it will grow with him.

Fatmomma99 Sun 14-Jun-15 22:14:04

She's never going to know!

Runningupthathill82 Sun 14-Jun-15 22:15:22

We didn't get DS anything for his first birthday.
He didn't need anything, got lots of presents from grandparents, and we didn't - don't - have money to fritter away for no real reason. Just got him a lovely card, which we've kept.

Talismania Sun 14-Jun-15 22:17:55

If she needs nothing save the money you would have spent on her for a future birthday that she'll actually remember, or at least understand.

dixiechick1975 Sun 14-Jun-15 22:22:13

Playhouse for the garden?

BoffinMum Sun 14-Jun-15 22:26:44

Pop up tent or tunnel, or a collectable like a music box or money box.

Cliffdiver Sun 14-Jun-15 22:35:42

DD1 got a Wendy House and wooden Moover buggy, DD2 got a Little Tikes trike which we hardly ever use.

BabyMurloc Mon 15-Jun-15 00:33:00

Barbarianmum Thats pure -evil- genius. I approve this idea.

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