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To Think This Is Cheeky - Fete - Cake Contest Related??

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RockinHippy Sun 14-Jun-15 17:36:18

genuine question as I'm not sure if this is the norm or not?

Plus I sometimes Facepaint at local festivals, usually just book a stall as you would if selling, but I've had a few problems in the past with organisers messing me around & changing the booking arrangements at the last minute & then expecting me to paint for free & they keep the takingshmm so my pee taking gauge is highly primed with these sort of fetes.

Bake Off style contest, I enquires about details, as I was interested in taking part & thought I could rope DD in for the teen section too, as she needs something to pick her up as she's struggling with an injury & in a wheelchair at the moment

Turns out there is no prize, just a small cup & medal for the runner up, small entrance fee

Cakes are kept as donations & sold off at the end of the day - proceeds go to - the event organisers

They've taken my enquiry as I am entering, telling me the name is on the list, big sell on the fact the judge, who works for a local bakery trained in Paris, implying this makes the contest a real big deal, I'm not impressed by this - now also hassling me to put DDs name down too.

AIBU to think this is just as much of a pee take as expecting people who have no links to the Fete or area per se, to Facepaint for free & therefore expecting a lot & pretty cheeky confused

theendoftheendoftheend Sun 14-Jun-15 17:40:04

I'm sorry iI really don't understand which part re the cake contest you have an issue with?

JinglyJanglyJungleBigGameTours Sun 14-Jun-15 17:43:37

If the event organisers are Jim and Jean doing it for their cruise next week then YANBU, but if its for a community group or charity, I think YABU if the whole purpose if the fete is for fundraising.

PuggyMum Sun 14-Jun-15 17:44:00

What's the fete in aid of? Usually it's to raise funds for a schools or village so if it's a fundraiser yabu.

PuggyMum Sun 14-Jun-15 17:44:36

First ever cross post! What jangly said!

CaptainAnkles Sun 14-Jun-15 17:45:31

Cakes are given for free, then sold and the money goes to the people who organise the fete? That sounds pisstakey to me.

ghostyslovesheep Sun 14-Jun-15 17:46:46

no sorry I'm confused

there is a cake contest

the winner gets a cup

the cakes are sold

it all raises money (the point of most fetes)


Earthbound Sun 14-Jun-15 17:47:20

Is the fete to raise funds for a church or school or community project? Is so YABU. People don't have to sign up and it sounds like a fun way to raise money for a good cause.

If it is just to line the pockets of Carole and Jim who fancy a weekend away on the back of it YANBU.

chemenger Sun 14-Jun-15 17:48:01

This sounds like a completely normal bake off competition. At work we pay a pound to enter and the prize was a red nose this year. Then the cakes were sold, we raised a decent amount for charity and everyone had a great time. Did you expect to win a world cruise or something?

LittleMissIntrovert Sun 14-Jun-15 17:49:12

I think the OP quite rightly has a problem with the fact the money raised goes to the event organizers, not the local community or a charity.

OP YANBU they are taking the piss!

SanityClause Sun 14-Jun-15 17:50:31

Surely not, if the fete us to raise money for a charity or community organisation, though, Captain?

I mean, it's just a glorified cake stall, really, but with people baking the cakes at the event, instead of at home, and bringing them along.

PattiODoors Sun 14-Jun-15 17:51:19

That's exactly what happens at our village show and the flower show too.

if you want your cake you have to bid for it and folk get excitable and the auctioneer whips up a frenzy.

All for a good cause!

chemenger Sun 14-Jun-15 17:51:38

I missed the bit about the organisers keeping the proceeded, but it seems very odd to have a fete or what ever it is organised for personal gain - does that happen?

fastdaytears Sun 14-Jun-15 17:52:28

I'm with ghosty but I may have missed the point...
If this is a charity fete (which is the only kind I've even been to) then virtually everything you're handing over cash for has been donated. Ok maybe not the burgers but I've had the misfortune to organise loads of these and cakes have always been donations. If your daughter was kind enough to bring along a tombola prize or something for white elephant stall then the proceeds raised would also go to the organisation who put it on.

On the hard sell, no not U at all but a certain lack of perspective does tend to affect me in the run up to these events so it may be that someone closer to the organiser needs to suggest that she has a word with herself.

On the face painting, also VVNU. It should take one line in an email to make it clear whether you're being expected to do this to help with their fundraising efforts or you're there for your business. If this suddenly becomes an issue nearer the time then they've failed to communicate.

LittleMissIntrovert Sun 14-Jun-15 17:53:28

Taken from the OP

Cakes are kept as donations & sold off at the end of the day - proceeds go to - the event organisers

^^ it says the money goes to the event organizers not a charity!

StackladysMorphicResonator Sun 14-Jun-15 17:54:31

I'm confused, who gets the money? Is it a charity/local organisation? Or just some freeloaders pulling a fast one?

ghostyslovesheep Sun 14-Jun-15 17:54:50

if the organisers are 'Local junior school' 'St X's Church' that's quiet normal

it's doesn't say the organisers are 1 or 2 individual people

TheHumourlessHarpy Sun 14-Jun-15 17:55:23

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

fastdaytears Sun 14-Jun-15 17:55:38

LittleMissIntrovert I didn't think that had been clarified yet. I have never heard of a non-charitable fete so am giving the organisers the benefit of the doubt until we know. These Carole and Jim cataracters seem well dodgy.

A lot of fetes round here are for the local organisation for political parties (well one blue one in particular) but they're allowed to fundraise the same as everyone else I guess!

cardibach Sun 14-Jun-15 17:56:14

I took 'event organisers' to mean the charity which organised the event.

fastdaytears Sun 14-Jun-15 17:57:12

LittleMissIntrovert sorry x post. If I went to a fete run by Brownies or Guide Dogs or whatever I would refer to that group as the "event organisers".

RockinHippy Sun 14-Jun-15 17:59:09

Sorry if that was confusing to some - I'm having hell,posting on here at the moment, so having to rush it before I lose what I have typed

Yes it's a community fete of sorts, it's a pretty big one that's been going for years - I think they also have some sort of LA funding too & a large part of it is stalls you book to sell your wares - if for example you sell clothes or plants or food, they take your stall fee, but nobody is expecting a cut of your taking or all your takings too. Unlike I've had happen with face painting

If it were a school, charity or church fete I think I wouldn't question it, I've Facepainted plenty for free in the past, I also wouldn't mind if there was no entry fee & they then sold the cakes as an entry fee - or charged the entry fee & gave cake sales to the local homeless charity or something, it just feels like you are paying an entry fee twice & it puts me off a bit - happy to be wrong though if this is the norm

fastdaytears Sun 14-Jun-15 18:01:37

You've been treated badly re the painting. It's the classic thing where people think that a service is free for your to provide. Which is angry

With the cakes though I'd say totally normal. It's a way of doing a cake sale and getting slightly more participation than is generally achieved. Make it competitive and people can suddenly be bothered.

Penfold007 Sun 14-Jun-15 18:01:44

I've entered similar contests at DC's school fairs, winner gets announced and cakes are sold off for the school fund. What's the fete in aid of, surely not a just for organisers personal profit?

RockinHippy Sun 14-Jun-15 18:03:24

The money's raised, funds the fete itself, not a charity per se

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