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In year transfer Y5, I need advice

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Selok Sun 14-Jun-15 10:15:50

Hi all,
I was on the primary school waiting list for 3 years and finally got the letter on Friday that she has got a space however she is in Y5, she has got nice group of friends etc her current school became academy last year, academically I always thought that it is not good. I do not believe she is driven enough, laid back they focus on the children with learning difficulties, or behaviour problems which is very good support for them but kids like my daughter who can do better but do not because they are in the middle and get along. The new school is outstanding, smaller in size but their education is brilliant. The other point is the secondary school, as my DD will go to the Girla school which is close to our house and there is the other mixed school which is like 40 min walkimg distance to us bit all her friends will move onto that school due to proximity. She is already worried that she will be the only one going to the girls school. And the girls in the new primary, they all go to girls school. My thought is that at least she can build some friendship over the year and when she moves on to the girla school at least she will have some friends but of course telling this to a 10 year old and trying to convince on this basis, is not good enough. She could maintain her relationship with her friends anyway, I would make sure of that. But I am still confused and need some other views. Many thanks in advance

MrsNextDoor Sun 14-Jun-15 14:03:36

Hmm. It seems odd to move her at this point when she is obviously happy. Why can't you send her to the school which is 40 mins walk away? With all her friends?

If the girls school is massively better, then just send her there when she finishes her current primary...she'll make new friends...they always do. Friendship groups change hugely in secondary.

Selok Sun 14-Jun-15 21:25:08

I know. We have been debating this all day, as everyone says friendships change in secondary school. Girls school is academically better than the mixed one however still debating on that one too���� we will visit the new school tomorrow but I think we already decided to keep her at her current school, many thanks for comment x

MrsNextDoor Sun 14-Jun-15 21:27:31

It's very confusing I know...had a similar issue myself. I went with the old "If it aint broke, don't fix it" school of thought.

Caboodle Sun 14-Jun-15 21:36:10

Moved DC1 in year 4 earlier this year....he didn't want to really and has had a few issues as he has settled in but he has made some great mates (one here for tea today) and it has done him the world of good. Your DC will have to learn to be adaptable in this world and my DC has learnt that he can make new friends...this has built up his confidence. Also, I feel your DC needs the chance to make friends with the girls she will go to school with.

Fatmomma99 Sun 14-Jun-15 21:38:48

I think I would base my decision on the most people she's going to be around in secondary. i.e. If most people at current school are going to go to the same secondary, leave where you are, and if the other way around then move.

This will help her with friendships when she goes to 'big school'.

All the best

SeenSheen Sun 14-Jun-15 22:59:50

I would move her now if she is not being stretched academically. Another whole year like this will make a big difference.

Children are very sociable at that age and she will be likely to make new friends quickly. She would have to do this anyway in year 7 by the sound of it. It may be easier to have the move now and make friends to move on with to secondary school.

Is the secondary girls' school better than the other school? would you definitely prefer your daughter to go there?

Selok Mon 15-Jun-15 00:34:37

Hi all,
Many thanks for sharing your views, much appreciate it all.
SeenSheen, yes the girls school is much better than mixed one and I think she will do better with girls school. I feel the same - move her now she makes friends before the secondary and not waste another year here. My DD is very sociable and makes friends very quickly, saying that she now has built up very nice group of friends, they are like inseparable - we moved back to UK 3 years ago, from Cyprus, just when she started y2.First she started at the infant for a term,then y3 moved to junior school, made her friends and now another change to another scool for a year and to secondary, she is our only DC of course as every parent we want the best for her...cant wait for the morning as we will all go and meet the head. Many thanks

MrsNextDoor Mon 15-Jun-15 09:30:43

She sounds like she'll do well if you do decide to move her.....and I would bet that she keeps her old friends too. With social media etc DC today have far more options for keeping in touch.

Apricota Mon 15-Jun-15 18:17:32

We moved ours in year five. We had three days notice. It was hard making the change, this was the friends business. But best thing to do and still is, a much better school and they do have new friends. We have to keep making them all through life.

Selok Mon 15-Jun-15 22:38:20

Hi all,
We have been to visit the school this morning, 3 of us. DH and I were 50% or even more towards keeping her at her current school, however when headteacher took us around, gave detailed information and when we left the school, all of us were very impressed with what we have seen and the headteacher is lovely and nurturing. She even said that she could start in September and close this school year at her current school, spend more time with friends and start there in September. We all had a good chat tonight and in fact DD said that she has made her decision she would like the feel of the new school and as I gave her the assurance that we will keep in touch with current friends, she is relieved about that and she even wants to invite new friends for tea already!!! I am so relieved I cannot even find the words as the whole weekend I have eaten myself. I am now hoping that we have made the right decision and that she will be happy there - there is no reason not to really and this is life anyway full of changes and surprises...����

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