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To want to start a reading group?

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fiveacres Sun 14-Jun-15 09:45:38

I am feeling a bit bored/lonely/fed up lately and was googling things to do in local area. No book or reading groups appear to exist or at least aren't active, so I was wondering about starting one.

DH has been a bit 'what a lot of nonsense!' so I am now of course determined to start one!

Has anybody ever done this?

oneowlgirl Sun 14-Jun-15 10:49:39

I haven't started one but I'm in one that a friend started. Do it! It's great fun & although we don't talk much about the book, it has got me back into reading again which I love & I look forward to our meetings (which generally involve quite a bit of alcohol!)
For info., when my friend started ours, she picked a group of very different friends - I only knew her, then she had school mum friends of hers, her best friend, her old dance teacher & a friend of a friend. Very eclectic & it's brill!

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