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Aibu or is just my imagination? So tired to find jealousy and envy...

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btfly2 Sat 13-Jun-15 22:51:35

when people know/ discover that we 've just bought a gorgeous property! Our own home after years of renting and savings and of course we are delighted with the house.
It's just sad to see how people compete, compare, etc instead of sharing the great news.

fiveacres Sat 13-Jun-15 22:52:46


I am frequently told I am "lucky."

I'm not lucky. I'm unlucky, as to have my property, I lost my entire family.

But hey. I don't have a mortgage.

WhatsGoingOnEh Sat 13-Jun-15 22:53:18

How exactly are they "competing and comparing"?

ImperialBlether Sat 13-Jun-15 22:54:42

Do you mean your entire family died, fiveacres?

fiveacres Sat 13-Jun-15 22:55:01


howabout Sat 13-Jun-15 22:57:47

Property obsession and one upmanship is the scourge of British society imo
Congratulations on your new home and wishing you many years of happiness there flowers

ImperialBlether Sat 13-Jun-15 22:59:48

That is absolutely awful, fiveacres. I'm so sorry.

flowers flowers flowers flowers flowers

FarFromAnyRoad Sat 13-Jun-15 23:00:13

I don't understand your OP really. I can't imagine being like that in the face of someone else's happiness so I'm having trouble imagining how that conversation would go. What have people said to you?

fiveacres Sat 13-Jun-15 23:01:48

That's kind of you Imperial - thank you. I do get 'lucky' a lot though and 'hurt stealth boast' in here if it comes up in context. I wish people could experience a tiny, tiny percentage of the pain gone through to get this property. I am young to have no mortgage but I'm also young to have no bloody family left as well!

fiveacres Sat 13-Jun-15 23:02:11

Hurrrr stealth boast that should have said!

Pedestriana Sat 13-Jun-15 23:11:46

bt, five - same here. Managed to buy outright after many years, because of the death of my last remaining parent. Thankfully snippy comments have only been from people not very close.

btfly2 Sat 13-Jun-15 23:13:59

Im sorry to hear about your story fiveacres, don't know what to say...

I think there is a ridiculous home ownership obsession in this society, honestly.

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