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To let go of the general assumption that stories and scenarios on a forum like MN should be true

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FarFromAnyRoad Sat 13-Jun-15 11:36:44

Because mostly, I fear, they are not. I have to confess I simply do not understand the mindset that would sit and make up a whole story based on nothing but fantasy or what the author might deem a shocking or amusing scenario. I get that nobody will ever know why they do it - I suppose I'm just shock at the sheer quantity of it at the moment. I'm pretty sure there's only one or two people behind most of it - law of averages says there just cannot be that many bullshitters on one section of a huge forum - or can there?
And if there is a general feeling that a particular poster or posters are just making up shit but not actually trolling - well - is this OK? I don't think it is but I'm prepared to rethink if I'm told it is. What does everyone else think?

EatShitDerek Sat 13-Jun-15 11:39:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Klayden Sat 13-Jun-15 11:46:33

Yeah, there is a lot of bullshit on here. I think people wildly exaggerate too rather than outright lie.

When it's a regular poster, people do tend to be more lenient but I've seen a lot of complete and utter tosh from regulars who have fascinating lives.

FarFromAnyRoad Sat 13-Jun-15 11:49:56

I agree. I just don't understand it. I think at the moment there are a couple of posters ( or one with several ids) just making up shit - thinks they say have happened to them or letters they've received or some other crap. I suppose they could be true, but when taken in the round along with all the other amazing stuff that happens to the same people over and over I find the credibility stretched to breaking point. Or maybe my life - and the lives of my friends/colleagues/family - is so boring and mundane that I should be wishing for such excitement on a daily basis grin

ilovesooty Sat 13-Jun-15 11:55:07

There are in my opinion anyway one or two posters either with multiple name changes or in some cases PBP s who are behind this attention seeking rubbish. The writing styles are similar and the topics tend to be recurring.
I don't believe either that most of what they say is remotely true but it seems they do get some kind of kick out of it all. Why on earth would one poster need to start several threads a day about strange or trivial stuff unless it's to get a reaction?

FarFromAnyRoad Sat 13-Jun-15 11:59:38

Yes - exactly sooty - it's the 'trivial but with a slight edge of irritation/shock/disbelief' ones that I'm talking about. Very prolific poster often with two or three threads a day in each id. So I'm not sure it's actual trolling per se because nobody's getting hurt - but then again a lot of people are investing time or advice in answering and that's a huge waste when it's all - IMO - dreamed up bullshit.

WorraLiberty Sat 13-Jun-15 12:04:46

I agree, so much of it is bullshit.

Even the believable threads seem to be embellished, or they'll have the odd 'Wind em up and watch em go' phrase thrown in, just to get certain MNetters onside... usually something really sexist or the like.

Totally pointless.

HellBoundNothingFound Sat 13-Jun-15 12:08:19

I read many threads to DH and he calls bullshit more than I do. I'm glad my life is relatively dull in comparison to many MN posters, sounds fucking draining hmm

ilovesooty Sat 13-Jun-15 12:16:45

Definitely Worra
If the thread isn't generating enough replies the OP will up the ante by sticking in a goady phrase they wouldn't know would generate a reaction if they were new. And if the thread drops they'll up it until they draw the responses they want or can generate a bunfight. They never agree they are BU either but if you make that point it will be construed as goading because you respond and get drawn in so it's probably wiser not to.

TommySlimfigure Sat 13-Jun-15 12:21:28

i tell the truth (with a few details changed for the sake of good sense)

but like you, I don't believe that random strangers, posting anonymously with cute screen names they can change at will OWE ME THE TRUTH

Nobody on here OWES me anything, even the truth.

No matter how draining or demoralising that might be.

GoringBit Sat 13-Jun-15 12:22:18

There have been a few threads lately that I've felt had been fishing for people's stories/experiences (not in a 'this is happening to me' way) and I've wondered if the posters have been trawling for material. MN being what it is, people share, but it makes me wary.

TommySlimfigure Sat 13-Jun-15 12:23:45

is this a TAAT? I don't know the history, but I still stand by what I said.
by the law of averages, most people have enough real life drama that they don't need to make stuff up, so most people tell the truth. but I won't waste time trying to file under true and NOT TRUE. Read it, smile, laugh, advise, argue, empathise, believe, disbelieve, move on................

FarFromAnyRoad Sat 13-Jun-15 12:26:01

I have had a 'feel' for that sort of thing too Goring - usually from the writing style and the 'too many questions' thing you get in those threads. I suppose journos and hacks have to get their stories and opinions from somewhere!

WiIdfire Sat 13-Jun-15 12:27:01

The way I look at it, even if the OP is making up the story, there will be a few silent followers who are in a similar situation and are reading the replies and taking advice. I know I have read through similar threads looking for info without sharing my own story. So for that reason, I have no problem with replying to a thread in all seriousness, even if the OP is not genuine.

FarFromAnyRoad Sat 13-Jun-15 12:28:23

It's a TAMT (thread about many threads) really. I could name the ones that pushed my gullibility to the edge but that would just cause the author/s to squirm with joy and a warm sense of validation. So I won't!

FarFromAnyRoad Sat 13-Jun-15 12:31:28

To be clear I'm not really talking about the highly emotionally draining threads - tales of heartbreak and personal misery. I think there's already a current thread about those. I'm more talking about the mundane ones that are based on the minor dramatic events of the author's tedious life. There have been a lot of these for quite a while now.

TheFairyCaravan Sat 13-Jun-15 12:36:39

There is a lot of bullshit around at the moment . It stands out like a sore thumb yet people lap it up and believe it. It beats me why they do.

However, for years there have been regular posters who post bullshit too, and people believe it. Their "lives" sound like a serial from Take A Break. Everywhere they go they encounter a proble, everytime they see a HCP there is an issue, every week there is a problem at school, always a problem with the council, the landlord, the bank, the MIL etc. I just don't buy it, tbh.

magimedi Sat 13-Jun-15 12:43:52

So agree with you Fairy

I have to almost sit on my hands sometimes so as not to post "Bullshit" and try to feel sorry for them that their lives are such that this is what they need to do.

WorraLiberty Sat 13-Jun-15 12:47:10

I totally agree with that TheFairyCaravan and I've said as much on some regular's threads...only to be shot down by the salivating "Oooh any update today OP?" brigade.

Often the enablers are worse than the drama llamas because they just encourage it.

But that's forum life and I can't see it changing grin

TheFairyCaravan Sat 13-Jun-15 12:59:10

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks it. I read the threads and think "bollox".

I agree that the drama llamas make it worse. Often they don't know the backstory, then the OP feeds of the attention. It's a vicious circle.

DrankSangriaInThePark Sat 13-Jun-15 13:00:15

The salivating and pious hangers on are worse than the actual bullshitting storytellers a lot of the time.

DrankSangriaInThePark Sat 13-Jun-15 13:01:01

Oops Worra said it first, and better!

FarFromAnyRoad Sat 13-Jun-15 13:01:27

Crikey yes - very much agree with Fairy. I do hide a lot of threads - really a LOT grin to avoid being drawn in to something that won't end well. I don't hide all of them though because I do quite want there to be something left to read! grin. Actually that's an interesting question - just how many threads do others hide?

CaptainAnkles Sat 13-Jun-15 13:01:30

I occasionally change very minor details in something I post because it's something I've told people in real life and I don't want to be outed on here, but I don't see the point of just making stuff up.

magimedi Sat 13-Jun-15 13:03:04

I don't hide threads - I just stop reading them.

I also change minor details, especially if posting about any of my family.

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