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To think it's weird that my houseguest took all the guest-toiletries?

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SummerOfLadybirds Sat 13-Jun-15 11:00:31

We often have overnight guests so I keep a basket of spare toiletries in guest-room (in case they forget anything) and tell them to use whatever they need. Most people use a couple of things, some don't use anything, and I re-stock it between guests.
Recently my close friend stayed for 3 nights and when she left the basket was completely empty! AIBU to find this a bit cheeky and odd? Or did she think it was a basket of 'complimentary products' like hotels provide? I stocked the basket well (she's scatty and tends to forget things, so i expected a few products to be used but not for every item to vanish!)

Basket contained: new full-size pack of Olay cleansing wipes, mini bottle make-up remover, toothbrush, dental floss, lipsalve (all 3 in sealed packets), plastic comb, travel-size body-lotion, body-wipes, spray deodorant, some Clinique mini-products (free samples of make-up/creams that I collect and keep for guests) plus various sachets of moisturiser, BB creams, hair serum, facial scrub etc. Oh and a couple of individually-wrapped soaps, shower-caps and mini sewing-kits that I collected from hotels.

There is no way she could have used the whole lot in 3 days! If a friend provided a basket like this would you assume it was a gift for you to take home??

MamaLazarou Sat 13-Jun-15 11:01:29

No way! Bloody cheek.

lunchbrunchtime Sat 13-Jun-15 11:02:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BlueBee Sat 13-Jun-15 11:03:03

That's terrible!
It's such a lovely thing to do though OP, really thoughtful.

forago Sat 13-Jun-15 11:03:08

no I would not! that's outrageous. id use what I needed, maybe take a half used bottle with me, that's it! so cheeky. id ask for the unopened stuff back.

cozietoesie Sat 13-Jun-15 11:03:32

Very strange indeed. I do the same for guests and I've never had them use more than a few things - there's always stuff left in the bowl.

Is the rest of your house missing anything?

FarelyKnuts Sat 13-Jun-15 11:03:36

Ha. Did she think you were a hotel? She's not scatty. She's a free loader!

XiCi Sat 13-Jun-15 11:05:02

Wow, can't believe the cheek of some people. I'd be tempted to say to her 'I can't find all the guest toiletries, have you put them away somewhere?'

AlternativeTentacles Sat 13-Jun-15 11:05:04

Is she close enough for you to say 'Where did you put all the stuff in the basket, we have someone staying over next week and I can't find it all!

Jackie0 Sat 13-Jun-15 11:05:38

Cheeky cow
Send her a B&B invoice

expatinscotland Sat 13-Jun-15 11:06:41

As this is a close friend, ask her why she did this. It is very cheeky. That's a lot of stuff.

LadyNym Sat 13-Jun-15 11:07:12

No, that's really cheeky of her! I don't like asking people for things so I tend to try and make sure I have everything I need when I go to stay with someone. I would maybe have used one or two things at most if I'd forgotten/run out of something (though, more likely I wouldn't have used anything) but there's no way in Hell I'd have cleared out the whole bloody basket!!

PHANTOMnamechanger Sat 13-Jun-15 11:07:24

gosh, what a rude friend you have!

pressone Sat 13-Jun-15 11:08:06

I do the same- provide baskets of toiletries, not pinch them. If something is opened then I think it is fair game to be taken home - or I'll use it myself (not lip-salve or toothbrush!) and replace with an unopened bottle.

To help yourself to the whole lot is greedy even theft.

Fatmomma99 Sat 13-Jun-15 11:08:07

Agree that's a lovely thoughtful thing to do.

Agree it's weird (to the point of funny) her stealing everything. confused

BUT, YBVU - you forgot tampons!

(and condoms! grin)

ENormaSnob Sat 13-Jun-15 11:08:43

Theiving cow

PHANTOMnamechanger Sat 13-Jun-15 11:09:54

oh and IF I had forgotten something like a toothbrush when visiting a friend, i would offer to pay for one of their spares, though I expect most friends would say no don't be silly.

How can she have thought "use what you need" was the same as "this is all for you, please take what you don't use home with you" ?

Bunbaker Sat 13-Jun-15 11:10:16

It has never occurred to me to put out guest toiletries. It was cheeky of her to take them all, but then I don't take all the guest toiletries from hotels either. I might use them in situ, but would never take unopened bottles of shampoo etc away with me.

PHANTOMnamechanger Sat 13-Jun-15 11:10:36

think yourself lucky she left the bedsheets!

ThinkIveBeenHacked Sat 13-Jun-15 11:15:06

Maybe send a message "eek just realised the little emergency guest basket was empty, haha bet you were wondering why I left a random empty dish in your room. Whoops!" And see what she says!

hiddenhome Sat 13-Jun-15 11:16:39

That is actually theft and I wouldn't have a thief in my house sad

Tell her to fucking send them back.

GloGirl Sat 13-Jun-15 11:17:37

Wow, there's someone I'd never have back again!

AgathaChristie01 Sat 13-Jun-15 11:17:53

Nice idea to provide stuff, but IF she was staying again, I would leave nothing for her.

grapejuicerocks Sat 13-Jun-15 11:17:57

Yes ask her as suggested above. Very strange behaviour. I don't think I would be able to view the friend in the same way, after pulling a stunt like that.

Corygal Sat 13-Jun-15 11:18:14

Greedy guts. How off-putting. Do say something, though, and tell us all.

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