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To be suprised we can't fill these vacancies at work?

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CatthiefKeith Sat 13-Jun-15 09:25:31

I have been trying to recruit weekend receptionists for over a year. Ideally I am looking for two people, who can work every other weekend. We have tried having someone that works every Sunday, and someone that does Saturday's, but it never works out.

The money isn't brilliant, admittedly, but it is above minimum wage, the work is easy and sometimes you get to mess about on boats on the river.

For the last 6 months, I have been working Saturdays, and we have had another woman just doing Sundays. She has recently found a full time job, and has realised that she loses most of her part time wages to tax, so has handed in her notice.

Surely there must be people out there willing to work weekends? What am I missing? Why can't I find any staff?

Slutbucket Sat 13-Jun-15 09:29:35

Are you recruiting the right places . Students might like this job?

wigglesrock Sat 13-Jun-15 09:33:46

It depends who you're trying to recruit, weekends are hard to cover if you need childcare and have no family help.

SomewhereIBelong Sat 13-Jun-15 09:39:06

the hours per week may not allow people to claim tax credits, the pay may not be enough for people to give up one weekend in 2, if there is only the possibility of 2 doing the job, then people think they will have to cover e.g. if the other is sick and may have to work every weekend forever despite being contracted for every other weekend.

and ermmm... some people don't like boats?

LazyLouLou Sat 13-Jun-15 09:40:06

Could you restructure the working week and have Tues - Sat and Sun - Thurs for existing staff?

Then you could try recruiting p/t Monday and Friday, to cover any gaps.

Silvercatowner Sat 13-Jun-15 09:42:03

You need to find some way of advertising these vacancies in Uni halls of residences or student unions. This would be perfect for students.

CatthiefKeith Sat 13-Jun-15 09:42:51

Basic requirements of the job are:

Good telephone manner. Basic computer skills. Basic cash handling. Experience with SAGE preferred but not essential.

I used to do the job, and loved it, but the other girl that did opposite weekends left, and I went full time, and since then it has been a nightmare. Back then we used to swap weekends if need be, cover holidays during the week and generally be flexible, but it seems nobody else fancies the idea much!

I've advertised in the local paper, with agencies, and even on Gumtree, but although we get plenty of applicants, they are either wildly unsuitle, totally inflexible or leave within a month if it is a second job.

Panicking now because i really don't want to work Sundays until we find someone!

AttitcusFinchIsMyFather Sat 13-Jun-15 09:43:59

This would be ideal for me sad I am a mature student needing part time work!

GhoulWithADragonTattoo Sat 13-Jun-15 09:45:02

Sounds like a nice weekend job for 6th former or student. I think most people would prefer the same day every week though.

ilovesooty Sat 13-Jun-15 09:45:43

I agree with Silvercatowner

Try your local university.

Harrietsferrets Sat 13-Jun-15 09:45:54

Where are you as it would suit me due to himselfs shift patterns

Sycamoretrees Sat 13-Jun-15 09:46:55

Have you talked to the people who left to find out why they didn't want to stay? Maybe they could offer an insight or a way to make the job more appealing.

BlackandGold Sat 13-Jun-15 09:49:09

Are you somewhere like Cambridge, mentioning the river? You might find a reliable retired person to help out.

CatthiefKeith Sat 13-Jun-15 09:51:21

I'm in Kent Harriet.

Exit interviews always say the same thing it is either:

I can't work every Sunday anymore because I keep getting invited to things and can't go (Especially now it is summer) or

I had no idea how much of my wages would be swallowed up with tax. (If it is their second job)

Which is why i think we need to go back to every other weekend, and two people job sharing. I have always worked in the licensed trade previously, so not working Saturday night was a massive bonus when I did the job. I guess people just don't want to work weekends.

DoctorDoctor Sat 13-Jun-15 09:55:27

You've got universities nearby - contact them and get them to advertise it. My institution has a work placements/opportunities department that students can be registered with to ask about vacancies. I'd try that.

OhMyActualDays Sat 13-Jun-15 09:55:54

But surely 6th formers do... Could you advertise at college? I worked practically every weekend from the age of 16 to the age of 23 when I started work for real. Otherwise I wouldn't have had any money!

Sycamoretrees Sat 13-Jun-15 09:56:53

I think every other week is definitely more attractive. I think you're right people don't generally don't want to work weekends unless they have a specific reason for wanting to do so. Ie. To fit around another job, study, partners job etc. Maybe you need to target your advertising to these groups? Not sure how though!

Sycamoretrees Sat 13-Jun-15 09:59:19

Having said that, I think the exception is young people who might prefer a regular Saturday or Sunday job. With perhaps the option to swap with who ever does the other day?

CatthiefKeith Sat 13-Jun-15 09:59:45

The only problem with students Doctor is that they tend to bugger off for the summer, which is our busiest time.

It isn't a difficult job, but it does take a while to become competent at it if you don't know anything about boats or tides, probably around 3 months or so, and when we've employed students in the past they've wanted the summer off. sad

Semi retired person might work well, as long as they have office experience.

Chimchar Sat 13-Jun-15 10:03:00

I wonder if it's not enough hours for someone who needs money. Yes, every other weekend gives flexibility, but maybe every weekend would attract more people because its going to be double the pay (i.e. working 4/4 weeks, not only 2/4 iykwim?)

googoodolly Sat 13-Jun-15 10:03:49

Could you hire a sixth former? Or is experience essential? It could be a good job for someone in school who wants some extra money.

Tryharder Sat 13-Jun-15 10:03:53

I would be wary of recruiting students as they don't want to work weekends.

I think a lot of people would rather be unemployed and claim benefits rather than work antisocial hours.

And agree that the hours are insufficient to make it worthwhile for someone who actually needs to earn money to live.

How about OAPs/retirees?

Spickle Sat 13-Jun-15 10:04:17

Students would definitely be your best choice.

You are right in that if it is a second job, 20% paid in tax on £6.50 per hour doesn't leave much incentive to commit to weekend working, especially if there are travel costs involved, and it hampers socialising with all the family. All very well to say that it's every other week, but sometimes that's the only time of the week that the whole family get to spend time together.

CatthiefKeith Sat 13-Jun-15 10:04:51

I guess it might also suit a LP whose ex has the children EOW? I don't think I can advertise that though. Slightly illegal! grin

RandomMess Sat 13-Jun-15 10:07:10

Why don't you do a 3 week weekend rota - more people to swap with etc.?

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