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to think Mothercare are STILL rubbish

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Thancred Fri 12-Jun-15 16:40:21

Entirely clouded by my own opinion and experience, of course. I am completely fed up with them and their utter uselessness.

I ordered a pushchair in February. Within a couple of weeks the toggle for lying it down jammed so back it went for repair. They had the pushchair for seven weeks before I was told that it couldn't be repaired so was being destroyed and would be replaced.

A week later the replacement was delivered to store so I went to collect it. Three days later I had to take it back as the front wheel wouldn't turn on tiled floors (so basically in any shop) and the swivel function was randomly locking in a slanted position so it would suddenly veer off the the left. In addition to this the toggle for lying it down was sticking (like the original one did) and no matter how I adjusted the seat or the straps, DS was slumped to the point that the crotch strap of the harness was jammed in the crease between his leg and nappy and his chin was resting on his chest.

I ordered a different pushchair and the website said it would be delivered within five working days. I rang on Tuesday this week, the fourth working day, as it wasn't even showing as dispatched. I was told it would come on Wednesday.

It didn't arrive.

I rang at 5pm Wednesday and was told it had been dispatched the day before and would be there Thursday or Friday. I waited in yesterday and today.

It hasn't arrived.

I rang yesterday evening and I've rang today to chase it up.

I've been told that it is being picked up from the distribution office today and that it "should hopefully" be with me on Monday. Probably. More than likely.

Crap like this is why I stopped using Mothercare but I thought they'd changed in recent times and they had the best price on the original pushchair. To be fair to them, the staff in the store have been fantastic - polite, helpful, and friendly - but the actual order fulfilment has been a shower of shite from start to finish and I'm spending another weekend with a 15mo and no pushchair angry

I should have gone to Kiddicare and had one on next day delivery, instead I've wasted three days sitting around the house waiting for this delivery and will waste another day on Monday, not to mention the time spent on the phone trying to sort it.

Is it just me or are they being crap with everyone?

Pengweng Fri 12-Jun-15 17:30:41

They are shit! The store rang me to tell me they had my order and then managed to lose it in the 2 hours it took me to get to the store and collect it. Then said i was lying and had not been contacted because it wasn't there. I rand their customer service while i was in the shop and they had a row in the middle of the shop. I was so mad. Will never use them again ever.

Thancred Fri 12-Jun-15 17:57:58

That's awful Pengweng, have a wine

Did you get it in the end?

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