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To think that if you have a snotty nose

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TobleroneBoo Fri 12-Jun-15 08:27:01

You should carry a tissue!

Sitting on a train next to the ultimate sniffer. A well dressed woman with naice bag, scarf etc. Every 30 seconds or so she is sniffing, or wiping her nose with her hand.

It is making this hot rage descend on me, I can feel it tingling down my back like I am about to explode hmmhmm

starsinyourpies Fri 12-Jun-15 08:27:48

YANBU x a million.

Daily tube rage over this.

morelikeguidelines Fri 12-Jun-15 08:30:46


Awful to be near a sniffer. It is so disgusting.

TobleroneBoo Fri 12-Jun-15 08:32:44

And I know there are billions of germs flitting about, but I feel like I can see them transferring on to any surface she is touching with her snotty hand! confusedconfused

museumum Fri 12-Jun-15 08:32:46

It is horrible but I'm guessing not intentional. What's she supposed to do stuck on the train without a hankie? Maybe offer her one?

museumum Fri 12-Jun-15 08:33:15

At this time of year it's probably hayfever rather than a cold.

Wittynewnameifonly Fri 12-Jun-15 08:34:50

Can you offer her a tissue? She might be grateful.

contractor6 Fri 12-Jun-15 08:35:05

Maybe used all tissues, I always offer one and most times people say yes, if say no and carry on sniffing then disgusting

TobleroneBoo Fri 12-Jun-15 08:35:23

I doubt it came on just as she got on the train so she could've bought one with her or grabbed some tissue from the station toilets but I admittedly have no bollocksgrin

HemanOrSheRa Fri 12-Jun-15 08:36:04

YANBU! I attended a training session in work a few weeks ago. The trainer clearly had a runny nose but would not blow it. Instead, she spent the whole time sniffing the dribble of snot every 10 secs. I was filled with RAGE throughout the whole thing and cannot remember any details of the training because in my head was I shouting 'BLOWYOURFUCKINGNOSEBLOWYOURFUCKINGNOSE' angry. I was a tension filled wreck by the end of the session.

SusannahD Fri 12-Jun-15 08:37:12

Gives me the rage too. I had a sniffer sit next to me yesterday I had to move and stand up for my sanity!

Bunbaker Fri 12-Jun-15 08:39:48

The last time someone on a train next to me did this I offered her a tissue. She was embarrassed, but grateful.

CoolAs10Fonzies Fri 12-Jun-15 08:48:38

I'm sat here sniffing right now.
I have no tissue.

Hayfever sucks.

I have been known to sleep with a tampon shoved up my beak!

JassyRadlett Fri 12-Jun-15 08:53:36

You're not wearing perfume are you?

Nothing makes my eyes and nose go more than someone plonking themselves down next to me who has no concept of moderation when it comes to applying perfume. grin

I don't disagree, sniffing is bloody horrible. But this is an awful time of year for people with hay fever.

TobleroneBoo Fri 12-Jun-15 09:40:16

I do feel for them, really I do. I know how annoying it can be for them but this was full on dripping. Every time she sniffed I could hear the wet lumpiness of it followed by the clogged up exhalehmm. I can't fathom how she didn't have one ( regardless of how annoying) it must've been so uncomfortable for her, it does seem possible that she had run out

No, no perfume. She was sniffing as she got on.

Fonzies, you are a problem solver!

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