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To say that from now on I Don't Brake for Lego

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sleepyhead Thu 11-Jun-15 23:12:05

I spent over half an hour today picking up tiny pieces of Lego from literally every floor in this flat before hoovering.

Every time this happens so I've told ds1 no more - they're going in the hoover from now on. If he wants to sift through the hoover bag before it goes in the bin then that's up to him.

Feckin Lego angry. Especially you, Mixels.

I haven't decided what I'm going to do with the extra days this will give me over the next 12 months. Probably Mumsnet.

MrsBojingles Thu 11-Jun-15 23:47:44

Won't it clog your Hoover?

MiaFarrowsWheelbarrow Thu 11-Jun-15 23:55:19

I did this - repeatedly warned my boys if they didn't pick it up it would be hoovered up. They didn't believe me until I went ahead and did it. I only hoovered up a very small amount until they sprung into action and it was never left out again, they always tidied it away.

sleepyhead Fri 12-Jun-15 00:09:24

I don't think it'll clog it. The pieces are very, very small (damn them!).

MiaFarrow, this is my hope - I can't see why little bits of lego were in places like the bathroom anyway, so surely it shouldn't be hard to at least confine them to one or two rooms (and then pick them up).

SylvaniansAtEase Fri 12-Jun-15 00:12:10


I have the same policy re Hama beads.

I am thinking of getting a sticker in a similar vein for the Henry.

DoJo Fri 12-Jun-15 00:12:39

I already use this technique on my 3 year old, although with him I include everything - 'if I have to hover/sweep it up, it'll go in the bin' is much more effective than endless reminding and trying to persuade him!

BackforGood Fri 12-Jun-15 00:13:43

If the rest of your dust and fluff is very small, you could put a fine net over the end of the nozzle and catch them that way?
(I've never tried this btw, just a theoretical idea wink)

tbh, I still vacuum on my knees even though my dc are older as it just means you can clear / tidy as you go. I prefer that to ferreting through the bag after I've sucked something up.

BlackbirdOnTheWire Fri 12-Jun-15 00:14:32

Insist he plays with lego on a tarpaulin (car boot liners are particularly good). At end of day, pick up tarpaulin, tip into container, job done. Any lego not on tarp is fair game for the Hoover. Those are our rules!

strawberrydaquari Fri 12-Jun-15 00:23:25

Vacuum on your knees? confused

ApeMan Fri 12-Jun-15 01:42:18

Will you come and do our house, you know for the therapeutic benefits to yourself?

Few things make me happier than stepping really hard on lego with bare feet.

ApeMan Fri 12-Jun-15 01:54:02

Will you come and do our house, you know for the therapeutic benefits to yourself?

Few things make me happier than stepping really hard on lego with bare feet.

elliejjtiny Fri 12-Jun-15 02:15:49

YANBU. DH builds lego for a living. My older boys love it too. I hate picking it all up before I can hoover.

brittabot Fri 12-Jun-15 07:26:04

YABU to only start doing this now!

Fourarmsv2 Fri 12-Jun-15 07:38:00

elliejjtiny - that would be DS2s dream job! Tell us more?

After a recent visit to the Metro Centre his ambition is to work in a Lego shop!

FishWithABicycle Fri 12-Jun-15 07:41:16

DH builds lego for a living
You can get paid to play with logo???
Enough to make a living?
How? Where?

FishWithABicycle Fri 12-Jun-15 07:42:27

Darn autocorrect.

PotteringAlong Fri 12-Jun-15 07:43:29

Lego is his job?! Awesome!

BaronVonShush Fri 12-Jun-15 07:47:42

The dcs don't like Lego enough to bother if I hoover it up or not. I'm just marking my place to find out what Jo requires building Lego. Legoland?

TheUnwillingNarcheska Fri 12-Jun-15 07:52:28

I'm with Blackbird they used to play with it on a sheet then I could just grab four corners to put it all into the middle and tip it back into the tub.

We then had laminate flooring so they had an ELC dustpan and brush and swept it all back up and into the box.

ellie tell us more about building lego for a living

RattieofCatan Fri 12-Jun-15 07:52:41

I like this policy. I love the tarpaulin idea too, that's genius!

BarbaraTheIncredible Fri 12-Jun-15 07:57:21

I have a similar policy for loom bands and hair ties. I love my Henry for this very reason. smile Though he also swallows socks and tights with similar insouciance if I'm not paying attention. hmm

VolumniaDedlock Fri 12-Jun-15 08:00:25

we have a lego amnesty, but loom bands, hama beads and those teeny tiny rocks you buy in little bags at museum gift shops are all fair game here

AlternativeTentacles Fri 12-Jun-15 08:15:51

Make a cup of tea/coffee and get the hoover out.
Tell the young people in the house 'you have until I finish this coffee to rescue all the lego you want to keep before I hoover it up and bin it'
Drink your tea/coffee
Start hoovering

Every time this happens so I've told ds1 no more
If you keep saying it but not doing it then he will never actually pick them up, will he?

Birnamwood Fri 12-Jun-15 10:13:31

I learnt this trick after accidentally hoovering up a piece of Lego whilst ds1 was watching. 'Hear that rattling ds? That's your Lego that is. Never to be seen again. Mwahahahaha' I have never seen a boy tidy so quickly grin

Hi5Hello Fri 12-Jun-15 11:09:17

You need a sticker on the Vacuum saying that :-)

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