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to be this irritated by loud motorbikes

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backtowork2015 Thu 11-Jun-15 21:54:49

I live in a town centre so I don't expect total tranquility but why do people have these absurdly loud motorbike exhausts? they tear round the roads and I'm here with my windows open on a warm evening and they are driving me crazy, what do they get out if it? It's ear shatteringly loud, I would be embarrassed of I was making that racket but they seem to be showing off! am I getting old?

TheForger Thu 11-Jun-15 22:11:00

YANBU add loud music played from cars with open windows.

ChocolateTeacup Thu 11-Jun-15 22:11:57

Because they are so vulnerable they need to be noticed

Imustgodowntotheseaagain Thu 11-Jun-15 22:24:19

Are they all bikes? Plenty of hot hatches round here with baked bean can exhausts are louder than bikes.

Or are you on the Isle of Man? smile

Salene Thu 11-Jun-15 22:27:20

Loud pipes save lives....

If car drivers never drove about with painted in eyes, bikers wouldn't need such loud bikes.

Tequilashotfor1 Thu 11-Jun-15 22:29:14


We live in a small village and every twatting summer around 7-10 pm some knob head flies up and down the road on a quad, no helmet either angry

holeinmyheart Thu 11-Jun-15 22:49:43

I was outside on this beautiful evening, packing my car as I am off on holiday, when two bikes roared past.
It is a 30 mile an hour zone outside my house but they could see a long straight stretch of road ahead and went for it. It was earth shattering.

All motorbikes should be put in a metal crusher and then when they have been crushed, they should be crushed again.
I hate them.

5Foot5 Thu 11-Jun-15 22:59:47

Loud pipes save lives....

Pah!! I was in a popular tourist destination on Sunday. We were in a bit where there were no cars but motor bikes did seem to be around. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and people were sitting around enjoying a concert on the band stand. So, the bikers who insisted on loudly revving their engines over and over while stationary in an area with only pedestrians were doing that for safety were they!?

avocadotoast Thu 11-Jun-15 23:27:34

We had a douchebag on a hairdryer bike near our old house. He used to come up and down the street honking his horn (selling drugs) aaaaall the time. I'm so glad we moved!

HappenstanceMarmite Thu 11-Jun-15 23:45:46

I miss the smell of a two stroke on a balmy summer's evening shows age

VenusRising Thu 11-Jun-15 23:52:40

It's noise pollution, and shockingly entitled behaviour.
And what a load of crap about loud pipes saving lives... What about electric bikes, or electric cars then?

I suggest whoever said that look at the documentary about the Isle of Man TT races on electric bikes, and see how the riders loved the quiet rides, and how antiquated and outmoded they thought the 'noisy pipes' were once they've ridden on the new electric and totally silent bikes - "it's the closest to flying I've even been" is a quote iirc.

Defensive driving : sticking to the rules of the road and speed limits is what saves lives.

There's no excuse for polluting, in any way. You could report them to the police op, and have them charged with noise pollution.
Just get their license numbers as they do their ikkle drive bys.

snowgirl29 Fri 12-Jun-15 01:23:18

YNBU. The new craze around here appears to be attaching engines to bicycles. Yes really.

ApeMan Fri 12-Jun-15 01:50:56

I wouldn't want to ride a silent bike on the road*.

There are enough idiots trying to kill other people with their oblivious driving already, without engaging ninja mode.

*Or drive a silent car, for that matter.

swiggityswoogity Fri 12-Jun-15 03:55:24

the exhausts are much smaller and less able to silence the exhaust.

acoustic muffling is an advanced silence and silent exhausts are very expensive

Imustgodowntotheseaagain Fri 12-Jun-15 06:47:33

Venus Sticking to the rules of the road didn't stop me getting knocked off my bike by a woman who thought the 'no right turn' sign didn't apply to her. Maybe if i'd had a really loud exhaust she'd have realised I was in the bit of road she wanted.

NaiceVillageOfTheDammed Fri 12-Jun-15 07:51:09

Round here it's the 16/17... yr olds with their souped up hair dryers biking aimlessly around the roads with their mates.

Yup - the parents who allow/fund the bikes are happy because the kids are out of their hair and not asking for lifts everywhere. But sod us who live where the kids like to bike around and around and around...

bobbywash Fri 12-Jun-15 08:38:22

Well Harley davidsons have the loudest standard pipes, and they are only ridden in the sun by people who don't like corners.

I had a loud pipe on my bike for a while, and was aware from behaviour of car drivers that the additional noise caused by the pipe made them notice me more. Still you treat all car drivers like they are out to kill you when riding a motorbike, thats the best form of riding, headlights on, hi-vis all makes very little difference.

So YABU to say that peole enjoying a legal hobby/leisure activity shouldn't be allowed to because you don't like it.

sashh Fri 12-Jun-15 08:57:58

I find it is not actual motorbikes nut the scooters that the teenagers ride that are noisy.

holeinmyheart When you rule the world please make an exception for the paramedic bikes and police ones that sometimes have to escort ambulances.

AnnPerkins Fri 12-Jun-15 09:16:05

I don't mind the sound of a big motorbike just going about its business. I get that a loud exhaust makes other drivers more aware of them. DH rides a Vespa and many of his fellow scooterists have had nasty accidents caused by motorists who 'just didn't see them' hmm

But when they're being driven far too fast and up and down the same bit of road that they wind me up beyond all measure.

We live two roads back from a long stretch of A-road. On summer evenings all you can hear is bikes racing up and down the A-road. Apart from being so annoying, it just makes us cringe, ever since the driver who was racing a Porsche straightlined the roundabout and buried himself and his car under the armco several months ago sad

MagratGarlik Fri 12-Jun-15 09:26:35

This again....

Not all bikes, or bikers are bad, noisy or hooligans. The vast majority are careful, considerate road users that you probably don't even notice going about their business.

Some are knobs, but it's like comparing all car drivers with the boy-racers in the corsas who get overly loud exhausts and drive like twats round small villages. There's a guy not far from us who drives a Porsche way above the speed limit around a housing estate with young children playing outside, so should I say all car-drivers are bad, just because of him?

If you get rid of bikes, the congestion on the roads will get significantly worse. Not to mention the air-pollution.

The test for bikes is significantly more rigorous than the car test and the vast majority of riders are well aware of their own vulnerability on the road. Personally I think everyone should have to ride a bike before they can get a car licence, it would prevent an awful lot of SMIDSYs ("sorry mate I didn't see you").

ApignamedJasper Fri 12-Jun-15 10:58:49

I ride a 125cc and even that does seem loud sometimes, especially when I am riding down a quiet country lane late at night to get home after work. I wouldn't want to ride a silent bike though, and in my opinion they do help drivers realise you are there at least a little which has to be a good thing.

Sometimes you just can't help it, if the bike you buy is loud it's loud! I haven't modifyed mine to make it any louder (but you can if you choose, not that I would) but I wouldn't modify it to make it quieter either so I just have to deal with the noise it makes. I also need to listen to the bike to learn when to change gears and sometimes that is difficult with the wind roaring in your helmet grin

EeekEeekEeekEeek Fri 12-Jun-15 11:14:43

I hate them with a passion. Not so much the big Harley-style 'roaring' engines shows complete lack of bike knowledge but those shitty little motorbikes with the INSANELY loud farting exhausts that lads ride round on.

They were annoying before, but now I have a small baby I loathe them. We go out, she falls asleep in the pram, I'm enjoying the peace, then - what's that in the distance? Oh, it's the sound of some kid on a crappy bike with an exhaust that surely must have been modified to be that ear-splitting - RRRRRRRNNRRRRRNRRRRBANGBANGBANG RRRRRN waah waah waah. Thanks. Thanks very much.

SophieHatters Fri 12-Jun-15 11:21:39

I have two categories I hate

Harley Davidson

2 stroke dirt bikes

everything else I can live with. Except people who ride like twats or break the speed limit.

(have held a class A licence for 15 years)

VenusRising Sat 20-Jun-15 03:49:34

Sorry you had an off Imustgodowntotheseaagain, I hope you are OK.
Ime being loud doesn't stop you from having accidents, idiots driving badly cause accidents.

I've had an off from a woman turning round to check on her kids in the back seat, not letting go of the steering wheel, veering over the road and tipping me - I went flying, landed halfway down a link fence, and bumped not so gently down to earth - luckily no bones broken, but my bike was totalled. She wasn't paying attention to anything other than her kids in her car. Drivers just don't pay enough attention to anything on the roads end of.

Adding to the noise pollution problem makes the world worse for everyone, and loses sympathy from those of us who don't pollute with noise. Defensive driving/ riding is the one way to stay safeer on the roads. And stricter yearly booster tests for car drivers to "watch the fuck out for bikes."

You speak sense Magrat ..... almost like Granny!

LindyHemming Sat 20-Jun-15 07:09:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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