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To ask about a jaw joint replacement?

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HawtDiggityDawg Wed 10-Jun-15 19:48:37

I am definitely being unreasonable to post here but they are uncommon and I want to reach the masses.

DD aged 21 needs a total jaw joint replacement. We have been given a lot of practical and medical information but we would like some information from people who have been there. DD has lost weight, she's on a fluid diet and she said wants her life back. She is keen to push ahead but is anxious about info like; how long off work and pain levels post-op.

We would really appreciate any information. Between us, we've posted on many sites but we're not getting much personal experience, especially not UK based.

Thank you.

ToGrapefruit Wed 10-Jun-15 20:36:52

I didn't want to read and run, as I shall watch this with interest. I'm sorry that I have no personal experience with the operation, but have had jaw problems (dystonia specifically affecting the TMJ) for about 16 years now.

I have been driven almost to distraction with it, although at the moment with anti-convulsants, occasional diazepam and dental splints it is better than it has been for a long time.

I sympathise so much for your poor DD, jaw issues are horrific. What is the reason for her replacement surgery?

I really do wish her well, and you too. Found this article, thought it was positive and hopeful.

Also- this site was very helpful to me at times, and my friend who recently had throat and mouth cancer.

flowers to her

grannytomine Wed 10-Jun-15 20:59:23

Sorry for your DD, must be horrible. My DD had her jaw broken and moved forward and pinned as she had a bad underbite which meant she couldn't chew and had jaw pain and migraines. Migraines have virtually stopped since the surgery and her jaw works fine. Not quite the same but probably similar in disruption and pain. My DD was glad she had it done and is happy with the results but I have to be honest, she did have a rough week afterwards but she was at a party 5 days later, dosed up with pain killers and looking like she had done ten rounds with a professional boxer but she was determined to enjoy herself. She was back at work after two weeks, but the swelling hadnt gone, that probably took three months before it went. Good luck.

HawtDiggityDawg Thu 11-Jun-15 18:37:46

Thank you for the replies. flowers

This is very much a last resort, having tried more conservative surgeries, physiotherapy, osteopathy, every type of pain relieving drug, alternative therapies - the lot.

DD was born with a slight deformity (hate this word) of the face and skull. As her face has grown, the jaw joint has slowly eroded away, on both sides. Fortunately, it does not affect her that much aesthetically, so it has never really bothered her. Over recent years though, she has lost the ability to open her mouth and she describes her pain as 'soul destroying'. It's a big operation and I am scared for her. blush

grannytomine Thu 11-Jun-15 19:14:20

I hope it all goes well. I know I found it really difficult when my daughter had her op, her jaw did affect her aesthetically but also made eating difficult, caused jaw pain and headaches and she is so happy that was all resolved.

All you can do is be there for her and offer support. If you want some practical things you can do I can suggest:

food - my daughter was offered mashed banana for every meal after her op. Sometimes she got icecream or jelly but have you ever looked at mashed banana, not very appetising. My DD did lose weight after the op but I did my best. They let me use the ward kitchen so worth asking about that. I then made some easy to swallow things she liked.

Help with her mouth hygiene, they just don't have time on the ward. They will probably give her some sponges on sticks, look like pink lollipops. Clean round her mouth with these and she might like to suck water from them as well.

Encourage her to take her pain killers, my daughter had stuff like Calpol as she couldn't swallow the tablets at first. Tastes horrible but don't let the pain get out of hand.

Encourage lots of visits, I found my daughter could get low in the first few days and visitors brightened her up.

Dont be shocked, if it is anything like my DDs op she will be very swollen and bruised. Don't be tempted to say she looks great, more of a problem for my DD as her appearance was part of the reason she had the op. We all tried to tell her she didn't look bad but it made her panic as she got convinced that was how she was going to look. I learned to say, "The bruising is bad now but it is getting better." Sometimes it is hard to get it right.

The worst is over in a few days but I honestly felt it was months before all the swelling went and she was completely over it. I know a couple of people who have very similar jaw surgery, some took a bit longer to get on their feet but as I saw in previous post my DD went to an 18th birthday party within a week of her op. She wasn't feeling great, she wasn't looking great but she wasn't prepared to miss the fun.

Is the op soon? Just try to focus on the benefits, I am sure you will be a great help to her.

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