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yo sushi is a not worth the money

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pettywitchinlondon Wed 10-Jun-15 18:58:15

Just had a quick byte to eat after work with a friend that really likes it. Didn't have any alcohol and it came to 38 just for my stuff, wasn't even full after and was there less than an hour.

I did try those supposed deadly rice cakes, thought they were horrible. Not sure why so many oaps dice with death to eat themconfused

OrlandoWoolf Wed 10-Jun-15 18:59:49

Is that the one with the bowls going round?

Someone must keep them going. £38 sounds like a lot of dishes though.

Heels99 Wed 10-Jun-15 19:00:07

Wagamamas is much better

pettywitchinlondon Wed 10-Jun-15 19:03:06

Yes it is. Well I think they probably have less staff than most places as its help yourself and the food isn't cooked to order.

DurhamDurham Wed 10-Jun-15 19:03:45

How much did you get through to spend £38 just on yourself? The dishes are small but I struggle to eat more than four or five at a push. I usually have the miso soup too but which is filling. It's not the type of place to go to for a slap up meal but it's a good place to go to grab some quick lunch with my two teen daughters. I don't think we've even spent that much between the three of us.

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Wed 10-Jun-15 19:04:05

It is shite. I don't know why anyone goes to be honest.

Bair Wed 10-Jun-15 19:04:13

£38!? How many did you have?

When we go it's around £15 each with sake.

Wagamamas is good but they bring your food in bloody troughs. So much waste when we go there.

Cherryblossomsinspring Wed 10-Jun-15 19:04:41

YANBU. Both yo sushi and wagamamas are very poor attempts at Japanese food. Should be banned.

Degustibusnonestdisputandem Wed 10-Jun-15 19:05:28

It is nice but well overpriced, I only used to go when they did blue Monday's

JohnFarleysRuskin Wed 10-Jun-15 19:05:32

I concur

lightgreenglass Wed 10-Jun-15 19:05:50

YANBU. I am always disappointed and am left craving a cheese twist!

pettywitchinlondon Wed 10-Jun-15 19:05:59

15 each with wine?! No way

Think I had 7, one of them was just fruit - a bit of orange, slice of pineapple, slice of melon and cherry - for 3 quid!

TurnOverTheTv Wed 10-Jun-15 19:06:37

£38 for yourself?? What the chuff did you eat? I normally have 4/5, comes to about £15 max

Bair Wed 10-Jun-15 19:08:09

'one of them was just fruit - a bit of orange, slice of pineapple, slice of melon and cherry - for 3 quid!'

But you saw what it was when you picked it up.

I usually have a soup, a beef slice thing, something rice and fish and sake shared with my husband.

ifgrandmahadawilly Wed 10-Jun-15 19:08:17

I enjoy Yo Sushi. I tend to go on Blue Mondays though, when some of their dishes are reduced in price.

pettywitchinlondon Wed 10-Jun-15 19:08:43

At least in waga I would of left feeling filled for 15 quid.

I don't mind spending money just hate getting awful value. Can't see why anyone ever goes back

Bair Wed 10-Jun-15 19:08:43

Octopus balls! Can't forgot them. So good.

TurnOverTheTv Wed 10-Jun-15 19:09:20

You must have picked 7 of the most expensive dishes!

GERTI Wed 10-Jun-15 19:10:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OrlandoWoolf Wed 10-Jun-15 19:10:49

Octopus balls

I have to ask. They are just octopus in balls,aren't they grin

BabyGanoush Wed 10-Jun-15 19:12:48

I agree.

Very expensive for what it is.

And not that good.

And tiny amounts

Toffeelatteplease Wed 10-Jun-15 19:13:10


Love yo sushi. Can abide the food in wagamamas and it gets so noisy

BlueMondays are awesome

Degustibusnonestdisputandem Wed 10-Jun-15 19:14:10

I love it but to be fair it is a bit of an "I saw you coming" sort of place wink

Chipsahoythere Wed 10-Jun-15 19:14:14

You spent £38!!!
Did you only get yellow plates?!

pettywitchinlondon Wed 10-Jun-15 19:14:21

The fruit was a con it was pilled up to make it look like more.

I had a fresh juice as well. Didn't go for the expensive dishes only had two 5 quid ones, the rest were much cheaper.

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