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New Build Homes at Aldcliffe Yard Lancaster

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TigerShepherd Wed 10-Jun-15 18:10:35

I've moved to a new area (lovely Lancaster) and have the upheaval of moving kids schools, jobs and reluctant grandparents! To try to reduce our woes we decided to only look at purchasing a "New Build" home for quickness (we're desperate to be in, in time for the new term). We signed up to a lovely plot, canalside in the middle of town and despite it not being finished, or any form of "show property" to visit, we were required to pay a £1000 holding fee for a property with BLOC, a consortium of CPUK and British Waterways. From this point the agent passed us onto BLOCs Project Manager and from then on we were bullied into designing a new kitchen layout that resulted in a 5% increase in the agreed price - fine if you get what you want! Next we were bullied into exchanging 10% of the final sales price but still with no idea of when they would complete the build, so that we could move in.

Am I being unreasonable, if as this move in date is now pushed beyond school start that I ask for the return of my reservation fee? We originally signed on for a July move in and its now looking beyond September? Bloc are refusing any form of reimbursement.

If you are purchasing a house as your main residence at this site (Aldcliffe Yard) with a mortgage, then be warned that you could end up waiting a long time to move in, and it could cost you a lot of money upfront before moving in.

Prices advertised are unrealistic, allow for at the very minimum an extra 5% on top of the price shown for your final purchase price. Constant delays from the developer and an insistence on exchange of contracts in 8 weeks from the reservation team, mean that unless you have the ready cash to purchase outright, and are willing to sit and wait months for the development to finish, then this could find you paying out for a mortgage many months before it is actually required. Or worse, you could exchange, not take up your mortgage offer, sit around and wait months for completion (in the meantime your mortgage offer expires), and when you do finally get the opportunity to move in, find that you can't get a mortgage and yet are still obliged to purchase the property and lose your exchange deposit.

The development contract purely protects the developer and doesn't think about customer service and customer rights at all. Tread very carefully if you going near this development, oh and if you do decide to buy take note of the fact that a multi-storey car park is likely to built right next to it in the hospital grounds - preliminary plans have been approved and the build contract has gone out to tender.

KenyaNameChange Wed 10-Jun-15 18:19:19

Didn't you read all the terms and conditions before you signed?

YANBU however for describing Lancaster as lovely. I've never lived there but I do like the town and the surrounding area.

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Wed 10-Jun-15 18:28:10

The hospital multi storey will probably go up before the house.

Are they affiliated to any trade association?

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