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online enquiries followed up by phone

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Nix01 Wed 10-Jun-15 13:05:59

Is it just me that finds this infuriating?

Recently, I've either emailed or submitted website forms for a variety of services (restaurant booking, holiday cottage enquiry, change of details, leisure centre etc) and every single one has telephoned me to quote or give me more information.

If I have time I'll make my enquiries telephonically but generally I tend to handle admin after office hours.

Am I being ridiculous in thinking that I'd really prefer for my queries to be replied to in the same way as received (ie, email)?

Jackie0 Wed 10-Jun-15 13:08:57

Its poor etiquette.
They should communicate via the method you instigated.
They could invite you to call in their reply.
How do they have your phone number?

ItsTricky Wed 10-Jun-15 13:11:14

I usually type 'Please only reply via email' at the bottom of the query and if they insist on a phone number I type a false one.

SavoyCabbage Wed 10-Jun-15 13:13:28

I agree with you but at my work I'm the only one who thinks like this. Every other person picks up the phone as they see it as quicker and more thorough.

Nix01 Wed 10-Jun-15 13:20:06

Usually they have my number on record if I hold an account or contract with them or I have to put it in the web form.

I get put off dealing with these companies further when they call me. I have to drop everything I'm doing to take notes and I really wish they'd pop me an email.

scribblegirl Wed 10-Jun-15 13:22:31

We're house hunting at the moment and I've had 35 missed calls since Friday due to not being able to pick up my mobile at work. I have put on every email that I can't speak during office hours and could they email instead. Infuriating...

LurkingHusband Wed 10-Jun-15 13:33:45

It's a useful way to filter out idiots. Ignore the ones who call back - if the can't get customer communications right, what else will they mess up.

I find email perfect for me. You can compose it when you want. Send it when you want. This is mirrored by the advantage to the company. They can read it when they want, and reply to it when they want. Not having to pay people to answer the phone saves a fortune.

Also I have a document trail, in the event of problems.

19lottie82 Wed 10-Jun-15 13:35:53

I mailed asking for a quote for a small storage unit a few months ago. I asked they replied by email. I got 2 calls and voicemails a day for 3 WEEKS (I didn't answer any of them) before they finally gave up.

WhyCantIuseTheNameIWant Wed 10-Jun-15 13:36:08

I always either leave the phone number blank, or if the form demands a phone number I fill it in as 0000000000.
I refuse to be phoned by anybody other than my immediate family or school for an emergency.

LurkingHusband Wed 10-Jun-15 13:38:24


If you hadn't said what the situation was in regard to, I would have guessed "estate agent" first. followed by "financial advisor". I have worked in IT services to a lot of industries, but those two take the biscuit for being obsessed with phone calls.

To my mind, if someone can't understand a simple request regarding contact, they are unlikely to understand anything more complex, so don't get my business. For some reason this surprises them.

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