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About the dummy?

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Shellabrate Wed 10-Jun-15 11:07:13

Sorry I know this has been done to death over the years across the boards. Dd is just six months and we have just managed to get rid of the swaddle and cocoon she was sleeping in and moved her into ds room. All in last two days. Great but then the last two nights she has woken about 10 times for the dummy and I've got up and gone in to put it in. Shattered obviously.
Should I get rid of it now and go cold turkey or wait for her to get used to all the changes? She Does seem fine in cot/ gro bag on sheepskin with dummy but hysterical without, as I just tried for her nap. Went in, picked her up, cuddled soothed cot in cot, this went on for 20 mins till I broke and gave her the dummy - help!

MrsNextDoor Wed 10-Jun-15 11:20:02

Dump it! You may have a few tricky nights but it will pass. She's young enough to not really work it out yet.

Shellabrate Wed 10-Jun-15 12:32:51

Ok so just straight up dump it today?! And then let her cry or comfort?

Flissity83 Wed 10-Jun-15 12:41:37

We went cold turkey at 4 months and it took 3-4 days. I started in the day by not giving it to him in the car or buggy and then that night I put him down without it. He cried for a little while and i just went up and comforted him and eventually he fell asleep. The next night he cried again but not for as long. The third night was probably the worst as he had cottoned on then, but by day four he had forgotten it. It was the best thing we did. I gave him a comforter to replace it which he know uses 16 months on as he obviously needed something but it doesn't effect his or our sleep like the dummy did.

If you do choose to do it, make sure you actually throw them away so you're not tempted to give in.

Good luck.

legolegolego Wed 10-Jun-15 12:43:20

I try and wean off during the day at nap times first, just because that's the time you're more rational and keen to persist! Then wean off at bed time once she settles for naps fine without it.

olympicsrock Wed 10-Jun-15 12:47:34

All a bit much at the same time for me. DS loved his dummy but just spat it out by around 6 months and used a toy as a comforter instead. Waking 10 times a night wanting a dummy sounds a bit too traumatic for everyone involved. Perhaps try again in a few weeks time?

Why have you put her in DS room? Are they in there together. For me it sounds like a recipe for disaster waking the other child up too. I think the baby needs to be in with you not DS if you only have 2 bedrooms at this age.

Trumpity Wed 10-Jun-15 13:24:04

My dd was 6 months. I figured she couldn't argue back and ask (as my 3 year old was, she kept pinching the baby's dummy and I was sick of seeing her with it).
Less than a week later baby was over it and no problems. I love that she doesn't have one.

Pickle131 Wed 10-Jun-15 23:28:35

It won't be long before she can find it herself and put it back in, especially if it's attached to her clothing with a dummy clip. I do remember this phase (dd3 is 9m and hasn't needed me to replace her dummy since I'd say 6-7 months) but it didn't last long. Partly because she can now put the dummy in, but mostly because she's now that much older so is sleeping better and deeper and isn't in that shallow wakeful sleep where the dummy is needed. I personally wouldn't take a dummy away from a screaming baby - I broke like you did with that attempt! Fwiw I forgot to give ds2 his dummy one night a few months before he turned 2, and he didn't notice. No dummy weaning trauma necessary.

Fatmomma99 Wed 10-Jun-15 23:34:08

awww. We let our dd choose to reject it. Do you really have to inflict more change???

Your child, your choice.

feel a bit sad about these posts.

Shellabrate Thu 11-Jun-15 10:55:51

Quick update- we did a version of pick up/ put down and went in to pick her up after every minute of crying- and she went to sleep after 15 mins and slept through without the dummy till 8.45am!! Cut up dummies and threw in bin so I wouldn't cave. Then just had morning nap and did the same, took ten mins. Wish I'd done this with ds1 instead of another 2.5 years of putting the bloody dummy back in!

Shellabrate Thu 11-Jun-15 10:58:34

Ps have given her a comforter instead which hopefully she will replace the dummy with.

Ps fatmomma in our family ds never chose to reject it and it was a sleep nightmare for us - really couldn't cope with the same again.

crazykat Thu 11-Jun-15 12:23:33

I'd have dumped it too. I had to do the same with ds2 and bottles, the other dcs were using beakers by 10 months but at 18 months ds still wanted a night time bottle, he refused to use a beaker so in the end I threw the bottles away and only offered a beaker or cup. Within two days he was fine with a beaker. Next on the list is cutting out the middle of the night milk so hopefully he'll sleep through.

Sometimes it's better for all the changes at once as it's one lot of disturbed nights rather than three or four lots within a few months.

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