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to ask for your experience of CAFCASS?

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AlmondAmy Tue 09-Jun-15 23:40:03

A section 7 report has been ordered in our case and a CAFCASS officer is coming to our house to speak to me tomorrow. I spoke to one before the directions hearing and I feel he completely misinterpreted my input. For example, I explained how DD became anxious to the point of sickness/diarrhoea before collection for contact because she was worried her father would be argumentative/aggressive with me (like in the past) so I suggested he collect her from/return her to school to reduce this issue. The CAFCASS officer reported that we have a vendetta against one another that we're putting before DD hmm

All I've heard is bad reports of experiences with CAFCASS and I'm worried about tomorrow and that things won't be properly resolved for DD. Would anyone be kind enough to share their experience and any advice?

JoffreyBaratheonFirstofHisName Wed 10-Jun-15 00:43:14

I had a brilliant experience of them. But maybe I would say that as they ended up making the recommendations that got my ex out of my kids' lives forever and affirmed that I was a great parent!

Officer was friendly, (but professional). He was also guardian ad litem of the kids, as my ex was litigious and instantly put in for full residency when the whole thing kicked off. The final report written by CAFCAS was fair and accurate even, in some places, a little too naive and generous towards my ex, I thought. Despite that they recommended he had zero direct contact (MH issues). It totally swung it for me. I ended up with full custody (residency) and the ex just indirect (6 mailings a year).

Ex even took the CAFCAS bloke to some kind of tribunal, claiming he'd been shagging me. ;o) Of course he wasn't and it was clear ex was nuts.

I was dreading the whole thing, but when we got the final report it was very fair and balanced, and the CAFCAS bloke had realised my younger kid hadn't a clue what was going on and the older one was distressed by the ex. Also said it was obvious I hadn't coached the kids in their answers, so they look for that.

Only advice I can give is to be as open minded as you can at this stressful time. I was told the CAFCAS report is the key thing and it's rare a judge will order something that goes against it.

KingTut Wed 10-Jun-15 00:56:25

Arseholes who got it all wrong and took their personal issues out on my family. The odd bod guy had no contact with his own children. hmm

It all came out at the time from an expert and later from other experts CAFCASS were barking up the wrong tree -- with misogyny-- and allowed an abuser to continue to harm children.
They withdrew any positive evidence and twisted reports. We are fortunate in the end. I am sure the arsehole and his boss wrecked many children's lives and I would call for these people to be psychiatric ally evaluated before they mess in the lives of the vulnerable as there has to be something seriously amiss with them.angry

TheFormidableMrsC Wed 10-Jun-15 01:33:44

I had a positive experience with CAFCASS, an officer who listened carefully to me and the difficulties of our situation with ex. Ex on the other hand used his interview with CAFCASS to make the most outrageous allegations about me. This is to be expected I guess. The CAFCASS officer was to make a recommendation to Court for further investigations which I welcomed as I felt we really need the help/intervention of outside agencies. My ex unfortunately vacated the hearing a couple of days before it was due to take place. I suspect he was worried that I had a lot of support and my elder daughter expressed a wish to make a statement herself. I will never know. I have read of so many varying experiences but any friends or family who have had dealings with them all report positively. Also, it is important to remember that if you don't feel you are forming a positive relationship with your assigned officer, you can ask for somebody else to be appointed instead.

TestingTestingWonTooFree Wed 10-Jun-15 06:45:31

I've more than ten years experience of Cafcass officers and their reports. They were nearly all good and sensible. Some are better than others obviously. Try to be open minded so that you can get the best out of the experience.

Katniramal Wed 10-Jun-15 08:20:41

I has a great experience with CAFCASS for a Section 7 report. They certainly saw through my ex-h's lies and frothing.

The Officer handled the childrens interviews very well. When they got upset, he got them to draw pictures or pick relevant words and feelings from a list instead. They felt it was a positive experience because finally someone was asking them what they wanted.

I got residency and he's not allowed direct or indirect contact with them. It was the best outcome that has made the children happy and settled.

As for advice, hard to say. Stick to the facts and try not to waffle or go off on a tangent. I'd made some bullet point notes before the visit that I used as reminders.

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