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to be pissed off

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pennygirl26 Tue 09-Jun-15 18:11:53

cooked dinner for my family we all sat at the table. no one said thank you or anything along those lines and all 3 got up and left before i finished my meal. im so angry however im also pregnant and cant decide if im over reacting.

undoubtedly Tue 09-Jun-15 18:13:15

Not overreacting.

I would call them back to the table and give them a lecture about manners. But then, I'm a bit of a cow like that smile

Noneedtoworryatall Tue 09-Jun-15 18:14:16

Bad manners towards you op, especially getting up from the table.

pennygirl26 Tue 09-Jun-15 18:22:29

i just sat stunned they did that.i haven't said anything yet as i seem to have developed into a crying mess but i will shortly. i just think its completely rude.

AddictedtoGreys Tue 09-Jun-15 18:25:01


Snozberry Tue 09-Jun-15 18:28:29

Yanbu they were rude

LazyLouLou Tue 09-Jun-15 18:29:17

Is one of them an adult? have words and tell them that they are setting a shite example and that the rudeness stops now!

A little bit of respect and a large dose of good manners is required at all times!

pennygirl26 Tue 09-Jun-15 18:53:59

yes one of them was my DP. i have said to them. i never got an apology they all just looked at me.

Leeds2 Tue 09-Jun-15 18:58:06

If this happens tomorrow, call them on it at the time. Unless they are toddlers, I think everyone should remain at the table until everyone has finished.

A "thank you" would be nice too. That said, I had a friend who used to make her DC say "Thank you for a lovely meal. Please may we get down from the table?" at the end of every meal, and that used to grate on me.

ttc2015 Tue 09-Jun-15 19:43:00

Bad manners, don't make them dinner tomorrow-just cook for yourself.

chickenfuckingpox Tue 09-Jun-15 19:47:41

point out my two year old speech delayed child says thank you (almost) every-time i give him food (he also gives me a resounding well done mommy when i go up a kerb no idea why)

my point is they are rude and wrong!

Hopelass Tue 09-Jun-15 19:52:11

YANBU that is just rude. My DP gets up before I've finished and I hate it. It feels like a lack of respect iykwim. He just says he can't be bothered to wait so he'd rather be tidying up around me still trying to eat hmm

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