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Nespresso coffee - is it all horrible or AIBU? Alternatives?

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GlitteringJasper Tue 09-Jun-15 11:21:58

I've had the machine for a while and tried lots of the varieties of coffee.

I hate it all! I don't take sugar in my coffee but it takes like it needs sugar or that something is missing from it.

I find it really horrible.

Is there an alternative I could try?

I just want to be able to make a nice latte sad and the bloomin machine was a fortune

DisappointedOne Tue 09-Jun-15 11:51:34

It's nestle. Of course it's horrible!

DollyParsnip Tue 09-Jun-15 11:58:31

A lot of supermarkets are now selling coffee pods that fit a Nespresso machine. We get them from Morrisons and Sainsburys and they are slightly cheaper than the "proper" Nespresso ones.

Not at home so can't check who makes the, but have just seen that Taylors of Harrogate are also doing some which we've yet to try. They are a little less bitter than the Nespresso ones and a bit less of a faff as it's easier to drop them in at the Shop rather than sending off for them.

DancingHat Tue 09-Jun-15 11:59:48

It's certainly a stronger bitterness make than more mainstream coffee machines however they will have a more mellow blend you will like. I know not everyone lives near Selfridges but the one in Birmingham lets you sit and try any blend you like to your hearts content which is how I came to know the decaf ones are just what I love - a strong bitter coffee which you hardly ever get with decaf. Or you could try a box of all different sorts and see which you like best? Slightly more wasteful but once you find the perfect one as a coffee lover it's a dream come true.

DisappointedOne Tue 09-Jun-15 12:01:30

My machine makes amazing lattes, cappuccinos etc but it RRPs at over £1k so probably not worth me recommending it.

Hoppinggreen Tue 09-Jun-15 12:01:36

No, I don't like any of them at all when I've tried them at friends.
We have a little Gaggia coffee maker that makes espresso and has a milk frother, it's really quick and easy to use and you can adjust the strength and temperature.
Think Nespresso et Al are a bit Emperors new clothes - trendy but shite coffee

JsOtherHalf Tue 09-Jun-15 12:02:22

Lidl sell them too.

TheSkiingGardener Tue 09-Jun-15 12:02:59

What sort of coffee do you like? That would help narrow it down.

Wotsitsareafterme Tue 09-Jun-15 12:05:55

Jsotherhalf - lidl sell coffee pods?

GlitteringJasper Tue 09-Jun-15 12:10:47

I don't like stong coffee. I like a nice mild one and currently I'm loving the instant make Nescafé Azera, silver tin with orange lid.

plumstone Tue 09-Jun-15 12:13:05

Glittering - SO with you on the Azera coffee - discovered it a coupe of weeks ago and loving it - especially yummy with coconut oil and butter all wizzed up in the morning so almost latte esque

Its also on offer in Sainsbugs - I am stock piling!!

LadyCuntingtonThe3rd Tue 09-Jun-15 12:15:37

Regular £10 argos coffee maker+lidl coffee arabica for £3.49/500g - perfect for me.

LadyCuntingtonThe3rd Tue 09-Jun-15 12:17:20

Sorry, forgot to mention - I think Lidl coffee is called gold arabica.

CinderToffee Tue 09-Jun-15 12:17:41

We get pods for our nespresso from a website called Big Cup, Little Cup. I don't like the nespresso ones either.

There are various sources for nespresso compatible pods around the Web. Lidl pods are pretty good, especially for the price. M&S have them too now, but I haven't tried them.

fearandloathinginambridge Tue 09-Jun-15 12:17:53

I haven't tried this new Nespresso thingy so can't comment on flavour etc. It seems like an awful lot of expense and waste in terms of packaging. I think it is also just big business making more money by persuading people that they need every fancier coffee machines and 100 different varieties to choose from blah blah.

I use a simple stove top pot and buy a pack of Lavazza Espresso which lasts about a month. I make it with hot milk every morning. It's simple, it tastes good and I find that I only need one coffee a day - never touch the instant stuff.

ItMustBeBedtimeSurely Tue 09-Jun-15 12:21:10

Agree coffee pod coffee is vile, especially the ones with powdered milk.

A normal coffee filter machine would probably do what you want, or a stove top espresso pot - froth up your milk with a frother. I have both of these and they both do good coffee.

Hoppinggreen Tue 09-Jun-15 12:24:16

IKEA do a little frother for £1. Make strong coffee, heat milk ( microwave) and froth.
Easy and cheap

JessieMcJessie Tue 09-Jun-15 12:26:19

plumstone "wizzed up with coconut oil and butter". Butter? IN coffee? Are you insane?

plumstone Tue 09-Jun-15 12:34:13

no - its all part of Boot camp - other thread - and its lovely but to be fair I was very sceptical. Butter is essentially milk and if you add about 15gms to coffee and then about a tablespoon of coconut oil it makes a coconut flavoured latte that as a side benefit keeps lips lovely and moisturised!!!!!

JsOtherHalf Tue 09-Jun-15 12:44:11


"Choose from Ristretto Espresso, Azzurro Lungo or Classico Espresso 10x 5.2g / 17.9p a capsule."

vertigogogadgetno Tue 09-Jun-15 12:48:59

It's Nestle. What you can taste is probably either evil, or baby tears.

chicaguapa Tue 09-Jun-15 12:57:58

"It's Nestle. What you can taste is probably either evil, or baby tears."


We have a Nespresso machine which was a gift. After much hand-wringing we decided to keep it but only buy non-Nestle pods. Our favourites are by Cafe d'Or, but you have to go to France to buy them at Carrefour in Cite Europe (which isn't necessarily a bad thing!)

They have some in Costco but we find them a bit bitter. I'll try M&S I think to keep up going between trips to France.

LemonySmithit Tue 09-Jun-15 13:04:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

6Musiclover Tue 09-Jun-15 13:10:31

Love our Nespresso machine. Lots of places do compatible pods. Lidl's are actually quite good. We've also picked some up in France and Spain when on holiday. The ones in Spain were really cheap and closest to the Nespresso pods, but tbh, I prefer the real thing.

GlitteringJasper Tue 09-Jun-15 13:11:43

I don't get the baby tears thing? confused

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