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MNHQ please can you stop these ridiculous trolls.

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MileyVirus Mon 08-Jun-15 16:58:19

We've had two pornstars pictures posted

Justine is an old hag

Missionary is boring

Immigration should be completely stopped.

Every women should get implants

Its ridiculously annoying is their anything you can do?

MileyVirus Mon 08-Jun-15 16:59:14

Oh and Justine your definitely not an old hag. smile

tumbletime Mon 08-Jun-15 16:59:32

Agreed! Can this person's I.P. address be blocked or something along those lines?

MileyVirus Mon 08-Jun-15 17:01:49

Can you block the i.p that will solve it.

WorraLiberty Mon 08-Jun-15 17:07:14

This should have been posted in Site Stuff really.

Perhaps report your OP and HQ will read it and hopefully answer you

MileyVirus Mon 08-Jun-15 17:10:23

Sorry thought as all of the troll posts have been on Aibu it was relevent here.

Rainicorn Mon 08-Jun-15 17:12:04

I've reported this thread to draw their attention to it.

MileyVirus Mon 08-Jun-15 17:13:51

Thanks Rain

usualsuspect333 Mon 08-Jun-15 17:14:43

He's been banned but no doubt he'll be back...

MileyVirus Mon 08-Jun-15 17:15:30

But surely once your banned you cant come back, I.P blocking.

Aermingers Mon 08-Jun-15 17:16:56

God. That one of the porn star was hilarious. The picture was so innocuous and innoffensive. D- for effort.

magimedi Mon 08-Jun-15 17:17:45

It's not difficult to get round the IP thing, by using a proxy IP - sadly,

Aermingers Mon 08-Jun-15 17:18:08

You can hide your IP really easily. IP blocking doesn't really block anything other than the very least tech savvy posters.

SistersofPercy Mon 08-Jun-15 17:18:19

but surely once your banned you cant come back, I.P blocking

Cloaking an IP is very easy to do. It might stop someone with minimal computer knowledge but anyone who's computer savvy will know exactly how to get around that one.

usualsuspect333 Mon 08-Jun-15 17:18:28

You can get around the I P banning. How do you think PBP keep coming back?

FarFromAnyRoad Mon 08-Jun-15 17:19:15

IP blocking is nothing more than a slightly tedious barrier around which your average troll has to steer. Ignoring or instant deletion is the true enemy of the troll - especially this one so clearly lacking in cerebral matter.

hedgehogsdontbite Mon 08-Jun-15 17:19:46

My internet provider uses roving IP addresses. It's a trolls wet dream. You press the reset button on the router and it resets with a new IP address. I'd make a shit troll as I don't know what the reset button is. Actually I don't know what the router is either beyond it being one of the flashy light thingies in the hall.

MileyVirus Mon 08-Jun-15 17:20:03

But still to post a picture of a pornstar and say her breasts are too small (when they were huge) is just inflammatory and offensive on a women majority website.

Icimoi Mon 08-Jun-15 17:20:12

Sadly, my immediate reaction to this was to regret that I hadn't seen the threads in question, if only for the laughs. I fear that makes me a Bad MNetter.

RebeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 08-Jun-15 17:20:21

Keep reporting, we have banned these knobbers now.

And a HUGE thank you to all of you who reported; As a result, one who joined at 16.09 and was banned by 16.14 because you hit report.

We have put things in place to help prevent them from coming back, we will see. Please do keep hitting report.

Thank you thanks

Aermingers Mon 08-Jun-15 17:21:21

All IPs do that don't they? You just plug them out then back in again, hey presto new IP.

FarFromAnyRoad Mon 08-Jun-15 17:21:30

Your post pointing out just exactly what you find offensive is manna from Heaven for the Half-Headed Troll Miley. Do you think maybe you should stop telling him/her/it what you don't want to see?

Toooldtobearsed Mon 08-Jun-15 17:24:02

MNHQ played a blinder here!

I reported and within 5 minutes, OP was banned and I had been emailed.

Was very impressedgrin

Topseyt Mon 08-Jun-15 17:24:22

I'm not even sure whether my router uses fixed or roving IP addresses. blush

I would also make a shit troll.

MileyVirus Mon 08-Jun-15 17:26:13

Well FarFromAnyRoad i think the trolls already seem to know what we find offensive. Thats why the posts are focused on misogyny breast size, breast implants and commenting on Justine's appearance.

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