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To refuse to pay

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MamanOfThree Sun 07-Jun-15 17:39:55

Went out with three colleagues of mine on Friday for an office do. I was driving.
As we were getting in the car colleague B managed to shut the door onto the hand of colleague A.
I sent a text to colleague A this am to check that her fingers were OK (she said it was fine on friday evening). Her answer was that yes her fingers are OK, no problem at all. However, two of her rings got badly damaged as well as the strap of her watch. She is asking ME to pay for the repair and to claim via the insurance of the car.

Now my issue is that
1- it's not me who closed the door on her and but colleague B. I was nowhere near them at the time (ie on the other side of the car) so really they should sort it between them.
2- This is not an issue with the car being dangerous etc... It was an accident due to bad timing/not being careful (s drunk?)
3- but if I do put a claim, then I am the one who will see the insurrance premium going up.

So AIBU to say that no I'm not going to pay/claim through my insurance?

Sirzy Sun 07-Jun-15 17:40:48

Yanbu. Nasty accident but in no way your fault

WhetherOrNot Sun 07-Jun-15 17:41:28

YANBU - Colleague B should pay, not you, or your insurance.

PotteringAlong Sun 07-Jun-15 17:41:59

Surely your car insurance wouldn't pay for that anyway? Tell her to sort it out with the other person.

Oldtile Sun 07-Jun-15 17:42:22

Don't claim. Your colleague has a complete cheek. If her rings are that valuable she should have Insured them herself and claim on her own insurance.

jollygoose Sun 07-Jun-15 17:42:47

Tell her she is being ridiculous it has nothing to do with you.

Golfhotelromeofoxtrot Sun 07-Jun-15 17:42:49

YANBU that wouldn't even be covered on car insurance.

Her rings need to be insured.

Hobby2014 Sun 07-Jun-15 17:43:11

Could she claim on her own house insurance? Not sure how if works.
Yanbu. Nothing to do with you.

molyholy Sun 07-Jun-15 17:43:26

Definitely not your problem and your colleague has some brass neck asking you!

BolshierAyraStark Sun 07-Jun-15 17:43:28

YANBU, what a stupid suggestion. If she wants to claim off anyone it should be the person who closed the door on her hand.

MamanOfThree Sun 07-Jun-15 17:43:41

I know it's crazy isn't it??
I don't think she was that happy at my answer though. I'm wondering what Monday will bring....

whois Sun 07-Jun-15 17:44:02

Absolutely nothing to do with you. She's a cheeky bitch to be asking!

DisappointedOne Sun 07-Jun-15 17:44:25

Wouldn't be covered by car insurance anyway.

StrangeGlue Sun 07-Jun-15 17:46:10

Your insurance won't cover that but regardless she can sling her hook it's bad luck and that happens to us all.

If she can't accept a bit of bad luck she can take it up with B but she's being ridiculous

Jackw Sun 07-Jun-15 17:46:39

It won't be covered under your car insurance. You could take in your insurance policy to show her if you think she's going to go on about it.

Alisvolatpropiis Sun 07-Jun-15 17:47:55

It never ceases to amaze me how cheeky people can be!

pudcat Sun 07-Jun-15 17:48:25

She can claim on her household insurance or on the insurance of the one who shut her hand in the door. She could take them to a small claims court. That would not go down well. How could her watch get damaged as well as her rings? It is nothing to do with you.

aintgonnabenorematch Sun 07-Jun-15 17:48:33

No. No. No.

This is nothing to do with you at all.

I am just astounded that she would think otherwise and going by your OP - I'd say she's a 'chancer' and once you say no, she'll drop it.

foreverton Sun 07-Jun-15 17:49:48

Having worked in insurance for several years in the past, I'm sure the underwriters would say this is not covered.
There has been no fire/theft/damage to your vehicle or to another vehicle and if your policy includes legal cover which many do, I would be ringing their helpline to clarify the situation as they can help with situations other than motoring issues.

This is something to be dealt with between the two colleagues involved.
You do them a favour by driving and she's potentially expecting you to claim and be out of pocket.
Please check your policy tonightsmile

expatinscotland Sun 07-Jun-15 17:49:53

Cheeky cow. Nope, pay her nothing.

SpamAnderson Sun 07-Jun-15 17:51:40

YANBU. It's unfortunate but you weren't even the one who shut the door on her hand, for her to expect you to accept responsibilty for it is ridiculous. Your car insurance will not cover that and neither should you. If she has decent contents insurance, she may find that her rings are covered on the policy but if not, it's not your problem. Accidents happen! Bloomin brass neck!

MamanOfThree Sun 07-Jun-15 17:58:38

I think she is just hoping that she won't have to pay. I'm pretty sure she hasn't thought it through.

She is one of the people in the office I'm getting on well. This will bring some cold into our relationship.

FranksRegret Sun 07-Jun-15 17:59:00

"Cheeky cow. Nope, pay her nothing."

She said it was fine at the time but then afterwards found two rings and her watch strap were damaged? One being, what, six inches or so from the other? hmm

And now she wants you to pay for them, via your insurance if you're lucky?

I don't think she's any old cheeky cow. I think she's a first class cheeky cow and a liar to boot.

msrisotto Sun 07-Jun-15 18:00:43

WTF is wrong with people? Who actually asks someone this?? Insane.

yellowdinosauragain Sun 07-Jun-15 18:07:31

They could both be damaged .The watch strap could have been damaged when her hand was stuck in the door and her rings could have been cut off in casualty because she couldn't get them off due to the swelling and her fingers would have been at risk if they weren't removed.

So she's not necessarily a liar. She is a cheeky bitch though and you are definitely not unreasonable to tell her to --fuck the fuck off --speak to colleague b about it as it's nothing to do with you.

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