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to think pay back is a bitch

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whatisforteamum Sun 07-Jun-15 14:06:57

After months of being spoken down and taken for granted at work i was given less hrs some students were given the extra shifts
,Df had more bad news his terminal cancer has spread more no surprise there so he springs into action planning his funeral and getting their home decluttered to make life easier for Mum to sell.All us adult dcs spring into home makeoveraction supervised by DF.
with all the stress i really wanted to treat my dcs to food and drink where i work as it is beautiful but cant as we have a staff ban which applies to all.
Anyway this week end one of the main people walked out without notice,Another fulltimer phoned in ill all weekend and guess who gets asked to cover...
for over a decade i have always dropped everything this time i ve not .I have way too much to do and while im sorry to them in this heat without enough staff and fans not working i think i would like to see them working in the high pressured busy 13hr days perhaps the fans will be repaired asap now!
It is childish and no way of my doing but maybe doing the job and less time on paperwork will be good for appreciating how relentless my job is aside from homelife stress. smile

Walkacrossthesand Sun 07-Jun-15 14:18:59

Not childish at all. I've noticed that workplaces seldom appreciate the workers like you who quietly go the extra mile, so it's really not worth putting yourself out. Do extra when it suits you, but don't feel obliged. Sorry to hear about your DF by the way.

AlpacaPicnic Sun 07-Jun-15 14:27:40

Sorry about your df. That is way more important than work. I hope you manage to spend some good time together as well as all the home makeover stuff.

Funny, it's always the workplaces that rely on the goodwill of their workers that, in my experience, wear down the goodwill through mismanagement and focussing on insignificant details - to the point of desperation. But by the time they realise, it's too late.

museumum Sun 07-Jun-15 14:30:23

It's good for management to have a "back to the floor" day.

But what's the "staff ban"? Seems odd to me. I've never worked anywhere with one (though I have waitressed in hotels where the staff would never be able to afford even one drink!)

whatisforteamum Sun 07-Jun-15 14:38:57

i have doubled my hrs to help out when the last person gave weeks notice though the money was handy i admit even my dcs think i am a workaholic,I had no idea cheaper younger pple were being lined up so had no warning of less work after i asked if my hrs would be cut back,I am MRS reliable and always jump through hoops to keep my not greatly paid job.I have missed alot of family stuff and xmas easter mums day fathers day bank hols and i havent minded now its time to help df and dm in their final week/months for once i have my priorities straight,Yes we have had some lovely looks through old photos and chance to ask df for sentimental things while he is here than pick through them when he goes...bitter sweet times and before anyone says yes my works are fully aware of my dfs decline as i keep them informed,

whatisforteamum Sun 07-Jun-15 14:45:17

the ban is when the tills dont tally so been 2 months.Management descision.
So very sad as i work in the place i do as it is soo lovely and holds happy memories of good times my dcs love it and i usually have to say no im working or we havent been able to afford it..i thought it would be a nice stress relief to pop there but no i cant even do the one simple thing near where i live that would cheer everyone up,I dont work front of house,i prob cant go there while df is alive it sucks sad

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