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everyone else is at the party

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fedupnorthernmum Sat 06-Jun-15 01:28:47

Big works reunion tonight, DH and I had tickets and so did my sister and her husband.

They all went off at 7.30 but following a huge argument with DF i couldnt face it and have spent most of theis afternoon/evening in tears.AIBU to think that he should have either been home by now or at least sent a text to say he would be late? We hardly ever go out due to finances i just know that he going to have spent all the money that was meant to be an evening out for us both.

thisishowiroll Sat 06-Jun-15 01:45:52

I don't think you're being unreasonable. If I were you I'd get the girls together and hit the town. Stay at one of their houses. Let him wonder where the hell you are when he gets home.

completelydisappear Sat 06-Jun-15 01:47:17

You had a huge row with your husband? No your father right?

To be honest I would have gone with my sister and tried to have a good evening if you rarely ever get to go out.

Yes he probably should have text but then I have no idea what your row was about and whether he is justified to be angry etc

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