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To hate it when people eat with their mouth open?

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LittleMissIntrovert Fri 05-Jun-15 23:04:14

Don't know if I am being unreasonable or not, as I have Misophonia, and eating/chewing sounds are one of my triggers.

OH eats with his mouth open, and makes so much noise it's unbelievable! I asked him before (nicely) if he could try and keep his mouth closed as the children copied him, but he denies he even does it hmm

Even eating toast or something not crunchy annoys me!

And I refuse to buy magnums for him as the noise is just something else!

I was taught it's bad manners to eat with your mouth open, and the noise is horrible and I don't want to see partly chewed food thank you.

Please tell me I'm not being unreasonable grin

TheCunnyFunt Fri 05-Jun-15 23:07:41

YADefinitelyNBU! Not at all! I don't have misophonia but eating with your mouth open disgusting and rude. Who wants to see half chewed food going round your mouth!?! Urgh!

feckitall Fri 05-Jun-15 23:13:22

With you here too...revolting behaviour ..they want to eat like a pig in a trough they can go outside..never tolerated it with DC. I often eat in my car at lunchtime if certain staff are in the staffroom.

canyou Sat 06-Jun-15 00:11:11

My Dsis does this I cannot sit at the table with her, it makes me angry angry angry She insists it is the correct way to eat food to allow taste etc
It makes me envy.24 yes as a chef apparently I need never have poured my heart and soul and health into the job , puople should have just eaten with their mouths open sounding like a cow chewing

canyou Sat 06-Jun-15 00:12:26

sorry for the spelling so am drinking copious quantities ofwine to get me through DSS exams

nameChangeQueen Sat 06-Jun-15 00:12:55

Yanbu. Dp did this, though he's got better since I pointed it out to him. His mum does it and talks with her mouth full too. envy

scarletforya Sat 06-Jun-15 00:14:41


Video him and make him watch it.

MERLYPUSSEDOFF Sat 06-Jun-15 09:21:35

It's revolting.

I know I sound antiquated but I think it has a lot to do with modern families not eating together and instilling table manners from young. My friend has all her dinners on her lap in front of the TV, as do her kids. And yes, she does own a table.

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