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To think I've been interviewed for the wrong job?

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NotSkinnyYet Fri 05-Jun-15 14:47:04

Posting here because of traffic and I need some answers quite quickly.

I am feeling blush

I am in the process of applying for other jobs at the moment. One of the roles I applied for was a Telesales Exec for education publishing, term time only. I applied, received a response quite quickly and had an interview this morning.

The job advert did not specify the company I would potentially be working for. I attended the interview and the recruiter explained what the role was, what type of person they were looking for etc. The sector was different, FMCG compared to Education but since the role described was essentially the same I didn't really think too much on it (silly, I know!) The company I would be working for was one which the recruitment agency was also a part of. I was the introduced to the MD of the media sector and had an interview with him. The interview was not really what you'd call a normal one, very informal. I managed to ask one question before the MD wanted to wrap up the interview, but hours/salary etc was not mentioned...then again if it was all in the advert why would it need to be. The hours I'd applied for were 30 per week 8-4.15.

Fast-forward to this afternoon and I have an email asking whether I could attend their offices again in just over a week to shadow a member of their team to see how the office ran on a day to day basis. They've asked me to come in to spend the afternoon of the working day, which would end at 5pm. This is where I started to connect the dots and am almost certain that I've been interviewed for the wrong job. I had a google and they are advertising for two different positions through their recruitment arm. One with the actual company and one with another company (from what I can tell). The difference would be 40 hours per week compared to 30 and obviously not term time only. I need to email them back with an answer on whether I will attend their offices to shadow and I have no idea how to reply. AIBU (and obviously stupid to not connect it all up earlier! blush ) and what should I say?

Please help me oh wise ones!

knittingdad Fri 05-Jun-15 14:57:32

I would phone rather than email, as you will clear up any confusion much more quickly that way, whereas with an email it is possible you could create more confusion.

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