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to think smacking adults on the backside isn't OK, male or female?

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InstitutionCode Fri 05-Jun-15 14:05:10

I have a friend who's very out going, a lovely person who does loads of volunteering and will help anyone who needs it.

She's not very bright, bags of common sense but doesn't have much education. I mention this only because I think, sometimes the things she does are down to not knowing any better.

Anyway we belong to a mixed sports club and when stretching etc, bottoms are stuck out or up in the air! She will quite often slap one, saying it was too good an opportunity to resit. No-one seems to mind, everyone laughs etc, but it makes me cringe. I'm particularly aware that if the men were to behave like this, the reactions could be very different.

Is this OK, or am I being a miserable old cow?

mileend2bermondsey Fri 05-Jun-15 14:11:53

YANBU it's really weird to slap someone's arse because you 'couldn't resist'.

YABVVU to insinuate that its anything to do with her level of education. At what university do they teach Arse Slapping 10; The Do's and Don'ts?

mileend2bermondsey Fri 05-Jun-15 14:12:18

101* not 10.

Stubbed Fri 05-Jun-15 14:13:14

Hate it. Even my husband knows I don't like it

InstitutionCode Fri 05-Jun-15 14:17:26

Sigh, I knew there was no way I was going to word that properly for MN mileend.

Perhaps she's not well-read would have been better? She really doesn't get that some things cause offence. e.g. when a new black man joined the club she asked where he was from (and she didn't mean where in the UK)

LurkingHusband Fri 05-Jun-15 14:19:44

At what university do they teach Arse Slapping 101; The Do's and Don'ts?

I don't know, but I wish I'd been there ...

MonstrousRatbag Fri 05-Jun-15 14:23:19

That's not about lack of education, but thoughtlessness (and possibly lack of empathy). My grandmother left school at 11, she didn't do this kind of thing. She had more dignity, for starters.

Neither example is ok, to me. The bottom thing appears to be ok with the people in the group at present, however, so your friend probably won't see a ny problem with it.

Since you are her friend, why not explain that she runs the risk of really annoying and upsetting other people with this stuff and should think more carefully?

AWholeLottaNosy Fri 05-Jun-15 14:24:01

Lurking, well here's the Karma Sutra of spanking if that helps! wink

DO NOT open this link if you're at work....

ShesAStar Fri 05-Jun-15 14:27:59

It's inappropriate and odd behaviour in anyone above the age of three!

iwishiwasasarah Fri 05-Jun-15 14:30:42

AWholeLottaNosy thank fuck for incognito browsing...

GobblersKnob Fri 05-Jun-15 14:33:47

I like to slap an arse, but only of the close friends who I know won't mind wink

Would never EVER slap the arse of a stranger shock

I don't think the uneducated are more prone to be unable to resist slapping an arse cheek though? confused

LurkingHusband Fri 05-Jun-15 14:34:50



PeppermintCrayon Fri 05-Jun-15 16:31:46

This is assault and absolutely not okay!

BigChocFrenzy Fri 05-Jun-15 16:44:41

OP, I suggest you explain to your friend that this is absolutely NOT acceptable behaviour, before she gets into serious trouble.

If she did this while volunteering, someone might make an official complaint.
Any smacking is assault; smacking on the backside could be considered very dodgy.
(consensual smacking, Karma Sutra art is fine !)

ocelot41 Fri 05-Jun-15 16:48:50

Totally unacceptable unless someone has asked for a good spanking - I mean really asked for it, not just had a bum you perceive to be potentially spankable. Boundaries!

expatinscotland Fri 05-Jun-15 16:51:15

How fucking immature she is. And yeah, I'd tell her that.

Bluetonic123 Fri 05-Jun-15 18:03:05

It's not very appropriate but if the people being slapped don't mind then I guess it's up to them

TiggyD Fri 05-Jun-15 18:04:53

If anybody wants to smack my bottom, that fine with me. Help yourself. But It's really wrong to do it to others. She could end up in deep shit one day.

trollkonor Fri 05-Jun-15 18:28:30

Brightness, Social awareness and education level are three different things.

That said its not appropriate, you need to tell her straight that you don't like it and she cant do it again.

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