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To think this is a bit off of the Mumsnet writers?

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WoonerismSpit Wed 03-Jun-15 09:42:00

I was just reading the mumsnet development calendar for 9 months, and came across this -
'She will enjoy trying to stack things and put things into containers, although this does not mean she will end up doing shelf work in Tesco's'.

What's wrong with doing shelf work in Tesco's?! Is it me, or does it read a bit 'don't panic, your pfb won't end up a lowly shop worker'? (Fully prepared to be told it is just me).

Noneedtoworryatall Wed 03-Jun-15 09:43:30

That's poor alright

SumThucker Wed 03-Jun-15 09:46:49

No, I agree. Pretty shoddy.

WorraLiberty Wed 03-Jun-15 09:46:55


It does sound like a bit of a put down.

Imagine the chaos if all shelf stackers walked out of their jobs today.

We'd soon realise how much we need them.

IUseAnyName Wed 03-Jun-15 09:49:44

I guess it's looking at how you as a parent would aspire your child to become?.... I don't think there are many parents who hope their dc become shelf fillers?

however Wed 03-Jun-15 09:50:28

It's my something I find remotely offensive or insulting, any more than "at the age of x she will be able to count to 10. This does not mean she'll be the next Warren Buffett."

however Wed 03-Jun-15 09:51:04

It's NOT something....etc.

mummymeister Wed 03-Jun-15 09:51:45

but surely there are some of us on MN who either are shelf fillers or have been and its a bit insulting. Still I suppose if the writers are all middle class they wouldn't even have dreamed that this could actually be insulting.

Only1scoop Wed 03-Jun-15 09:54:08


Surprised it doesn't give special dispensation for Waitrose stackers.

WoonerismSpit Wed 03-Jun-15 10:00:15

iuseanyname I just want my DD to be happy. I don't care what job she has, as long as she enjoys it.

Samcro Wed 03-Jun-15 10:04:08

that is awful

AuntyMag10 Wed 03-Jun-15 10:07:07

Yanbu, sounds like a put down. Otoh I do think as parents we hope our kids do aspire for better.

PandasRock Wed 03-Jun-15 10:08:19

I would be genuinely delighted if my dd is able to be a shelf stacker when she is older, IUseAnyName, and I know many other parents who feel the same.

OP, YANBU. It is elitist and unbelievably prejudiced. But then, as I recently found out, middle class naice- ness is no barrier to being a twat.

sunbathe Wed 03-Jun-15 10:08:26

Agree. Very off.

MerryMarigold Wed 03-Jun-15 10:08:32

Yeah, it's a bit middle-class intellectual snobbery, but I think MN deliberately cultivates that image. We wouldn't want to be NetMums, after all! They do try and differentiate from the 'usual' stuff you could read on any website regarding child development. I think it would have had a little bit more wit if it had said a shelf stacker at Waitrose though.

ImperialBlether Wed 03-Jun-15 10:10:13

Wooner, the thing is that your daughter can be happy in a variety of jobs - some will allow her financial independence, the freedom to travel and the ability to make decisions about where she lives etc and some jobs just don't. I think most people with children who are doing minimum wage jobs wish they weren't and they can see exactly what opportunities are denied them.

OstentatiousBreastfeeder Wed 03-Jun-15 10:13:35

Yeah that's not cool.

GlitzAndGigglesx Wed 03-Jun-15 10:15:38

Well I work for a low cost supermarket and am happier there than I was working in the west end with the snooty clientele making everyday a misery. Many shelf stackers go on to be promoted and work their way up to managerial positions as witnessed in my work place. Nothing wrong with it!

LurcioAgain Wed 03-Jun-15 10:18:26

Hmm, it's an interesting one. DNiece's DP is a shelf stacker. He's an intelligent, thoughtful, interesting and well-read man - the walking antithesis of the "too thick to do anything else" stereotype. But at the same time I'd be lying if I said this was what he wanted to do. DN's training is in a very specialist job which ties her to one part of the country - a part of the country with high unemployment rates, and this is the only job her DP can find, and I don't think it's the one he'd want to do in an ideal world. On the other hand he (like me) is of the school of thought that thinks there's something intrinsically important in earning your own way in life even if that means doing something dull (and I've done dull jobs in my time rather than be on the dole).

I think it is offensive as phrased, because it is pandering to the "too thick to do anything else" stereotype, when in fact it's a job of work which needs to be done and which can be done well or badly, and which, though dull (I doubt many people dream of becoming a shelf stacker as children) enables you to support yourself and your family. So yes, I think this is a cheap piece of stereotyping and social class based "othering".

wdyfoyc Wed 03-Jun-15 10:19:21

Very out of order.

What is wrong with netmums? Very snobby attitude to it around here.

usualsuspect333 Wed 03-Jun-15 10:24:06

I agree it's very off. Typical MC snobbery though.

My DD works in Tesco, she gets paid more than MW and is perfectly content with her choice of job. As am I.

The whole country would be fucked if no one worked in supermarkets etc.

But of course, no MN child would ever work in a supermarket. <rolls eyes>

MerryMarigold Wed 03-Jun-15 10:24:16

Nothing is 'wrong' with NetMums, but who wants a bunch of sites which are all the same? They need to be different in some ways.

Mehitabel6 Wed 03-Jun-15 10:25:00

I think they have a tendency to write things without thinking them through and need pulling up occasionally. It is no good everyone being top surgeons, lawyers etc because they won't be able to manage without supermarket workers, car mechanics, hairdressers etc- and even MNetters will have children who fill those roles.

Only1scoop Wed 03-Jun-15 10:25:49

It's really off

I'm going to find it now and have a look.

Mehitabel6 Wed 03-Jun-15 10:26:42

MN children go to selective schools, all get A* in exams and go to Oxbridge - this proves that you are a wonderful parent! grin

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