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Moved house 2 months ago... to want to move back to my old area?

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meadowquark Tue 02-Jun-15 17:18:36

I didn't click with my old house and so sold up and bought another house 2 miles away. An old house was a period house, one bedroom too small, needed constant upkeep and was in a rough and coming up area. The new house is 1960s town house, nothing needs doing to it, pleasant suburb and excellent secondary schools for my now 7 and 4 year old DC. We still attend a primary in the old area and commute from the old station. I miss the old period charm, a traditional "tardis" house, the buzz and my old neighbourhood. Logically thinking I should stay where I am at least until DC1 starts seconds school. Practically, I have hanged the picture of my old neighbourhood in my hallway.

P.S. I am glad that I moved - the old house was clearly wrong for me, but I wonder if I should have moved just around the corner.

Financially I could just about to afford to move again.

SquinkiesRule Tue 02-Jun-15 17:51:20

Don't do it, you can hardly expect to settle properly in 8 weeks.

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