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Alton Towers Roller coaster crash

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ItsTricky Tue 02-Jun-15 17:06:22

BBC news are showing helicopter footage of trapped people at today's roller coaster crash at Alton Towers.

I expect the footage may have some part to play in the investigation, but should they show this right now? Some viewers may not even know if their friends or family are involved.

It all feels too voyeuristic so I've turned it off.

Sirzy Tue 02-Jun-15 17:07:30

I think the same could be said of most coverage of disasters. I agree with you but it is a sad part of the 24/7 news culture we have now

ItsTricky Tue 02-Jun-15 17:57:45

Poor people are still trapped and terrified and there's a fecking helicopter hovering over their heads filming! I understand it's newsworthy but not many people can be comfortable sitting sipping a cuppa and watching it... I don't think.

Thank goodness none were killed.

AuntieStella Tue 02-Jun-15 18:02:41

Thread about the incident

And no YANBU about intrusive media coverage.

If you cannot assist those in distress directly (first aid, shelter etc) then you can assist them by giving them privacy in their distress.

There is no real difference between showing these people and the emergency services in the wreckage and the actions of the paparazzi in taking shots in the Paris underpass in 1997.

SycamoreMum Tue 02-Jun-15 18:08:22

How awful! Was supposed to be going next week but plans have been changed now. Refuse to watch footage; those poor people.

ladymariner Tue 02-Jun-15 18:12:50

Definitely NBU about press coverage, that's somebody's child laying there injured, fgs, allow them some privacy and let the rescuers do their work. Hoping and praying it's not as serious as it sounds.

Ds and I are roller-coaster fiends, we love them but I was seriously scared on that one, don't know what it was about it in particular but I said that I would never go on it again. Hideous ride.

ItsTricky Tue 02-Jun-15 19:14:51

I hope they've got them out by now. It's been hours.

It wouldn't put me off roller coasters, it's such a rare thing to happen.

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